TO THE RESCUE: Kylie Padilla's cousin lashes out at Aljur Abrenica

Published October 21, 2021, 9:54 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Kylie Padilla

Actress Kylie Padilla’s cousin, Princess Paulino, has recently called out hunk actor Aljur Abrenica on social media following his controversial post.

On Facebook, Princess asked the 31-year-old Viva actor to have some “decency.”

Then she noted Aljur’s wrongdoings to her cousin, point by point.

According to her, Kylie “never” cheated on Aljur.

“Not even when you could not put food on the table,” she related.

Then Princess reiterated how Aljur still owes Kylie a lot of money, which her cousin never took against him.

“You cheated on her multiple times, and we all know that. Stop your lies,” she advised.

Princess maintained that it is not Kylie’s fault why Aljur has a lot of bashers, relating: “It was your choice to flaunt your new girlfriend in public, not hers.”

The online user also reminded Aljur how despite “the truth that you were an irresponsible husband who broke Kylie’s heart many times,” her cousin never went public to say anything against him.

She also explained that Kylie did not know about her father, Robin Padilla, publicizing their marital woes.

In fact, she said that Kylie even felt bad about it.

“Save some respect for yourself. Stop your LIES,” Princess said.