Yokohama batteries offer game-changing value and warranty

Published October 20, 2021, 3:54 PM

by Inigo Roces

With longer warranties, more plates, and lower prices compared to some imported brands, Yokohama Automotive Batteries is being regarded by motoring experts as a game-changer in the local automotive battery market.

It has already embarked on an aggressive marketing push to reach a wider audience, especially motorists who are budget-conscious but very careful in choosing products that they will put under the hood of their cars.

Yokohama offers an advantage in four main aspects: more plates, extended warranty, long life, and value for money.

Yokohama batteries have thicker plates for longer life, improved envelope separators, and more plates for higher capacity and better cranking performance.

These attributes give Yokohama Automotive Batteries the confidence to offer extended warranty periods, or up to three months longer than its imported competitors.

For instance, while the premium batteries of imported brands only offer 24 months warranty, Yokohama gives coverage of 24 plus three months. Simply put: a longer warranty means longer life and better quality.

And while packed with more plates, Yokohama batteries are priced significantly lower than imported brands across segments, from the entry-level to premium variants.

Yokohama batteries are locally made under license by Yokohama Batteries SDN BHD, the leading automotive battery manufacturer in Malaysia.

Yokohama is now available in more than 300 dealers nationwide. Some outlets deliver right to your doorsteps.

Dealers are now also aggressively pushing Yokohama batteries as aside from their superior quality compared to imported brands, Yokohama also offers better pricing margins, giving them more flexibility in dealing with their customers.

Yokohama batteries also command higher trade-in value, allowing motorists to save more money every time they buy new batteries.

If you want good quality batteries at affordable prices while also helping Filipino workers by patronizing locally made products, Yokohama Automotive Batteries should be right there at the top of your choice next time you replace your car battery.