Premier actors deliver fun and action in 'Barumbadings'


Without a doubt, Jeric Raval, Mark Anthony Fernandez, and Baron Geisler are among the premier actors of their generation, especially in the action movie department. Whether playing a hero or anti-hero, they are always convincing in their roles. Each of them is a certified onscreen “barumbado”.

This November, director Darryl Yap gives a character twist to these three “barumbados”, making them “Barumbadings”. Yap teased Pinoy audiences with a social media post introducing the three actors as “Mga Bagong Reyna ng Viva”. He even gets playful with their names, calling them Jerica Raval, Marie Antoinette Fernandez, and Baroness Geisler.

Mark Anthony Fernandez

But “Barumbadings” is not just all about the three of them. Award-winning actor Joel Torre also plays a lead role in this comedy-action film. As “Mother Joy”, he is the tie that binds Izzy (Jeric Raval), Jopay (Mark Anthony Fernandez), and Rochelle (Baron Geisler).

Joy is an established fashion designer and owner of the dress shop, House of Joy. He’s got that her very masculine mustache and beard combo, but he is every inch a woman at heart. Despite being bullied, he remains kind and forgiving. He takes the three young gays under his wing to stop them from getting into trouble. He trains them in joining beauty pageants.

Jeric Raval

Izzy is a Japanese-looking gay with long, shiny black hair. He’s got Samurai skills, and is not intimidated by anyone. Izzy is the silent type. In fact, he barely talks.

Just like Izzy, Jopay is one tough gay. He will not let anyone oppress him. Jopay has beautiful eyes which are perfect for his special skill as a sharp-shooter. Jopay keeps guns all over his body.

Baron Geisler

Rochelle, Joy’s third protégé, is always seen with a lollipop in his mouth. But don’t this candy-loving Barumbading fool you. Unlike Joy who is sweet and motherly, Rochelle is a Mixed Martial artist who will not hesitate to hurt anyone who attempts to harm him or his friends.

The lives of the gay gangsters are suddenly shaken when their beloved guardian passes away.

Joel Torre

As Izzy, Jopay, and Rochelle look back on Joy’s bright and colorful life, see how the bereaved Barumbadings give honor to Joy’s memory one last time.

Starting Nov. 5, 2021, “Barumbadings” is streaming exclusively on Vivamax.

It also stars John Lapuz as Queenpin, also a gay, and Cecil Paz as Buchi, a lesbian. Queenpin and Buchi are ex-lovers who have become mortal enemies. They are the reason why Izzy, Jopay, and Rochelle have gotten involved in violence.

Jay Manalo

Tegi na ang mga baklang madrama. Action star na ang mga reyna! Don’t dare miss the fun and action in “Barumbadings”.

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