Andrea Torres, Kylie Padilla on kissing scene: 'Very memorable!'

People are making huge ado about Andrea Torres and Kylie Padilla doing a kissing scene for “BetCin,” a WeTV series.

It should be a given what with the two playing lovers in the show.

But, obviously, it is still very much taboo for prudish Pinoys.

Some of the comments on social media:

“Ano ba yan? Puwede naman sigurong wala nang ganun...”

“Pambenta. Pa-controversial. They’re making a circus out of something that is so wrong...”

“Laos na BL (Boy’s Love) stories, eto GL (Girl’s Love) naman and may kissing scene pa, huh!”

Uncomfortable as it is for some, Kylie and Andrea attest that it was ultimately necessary if they are to give justice to their roles.

Kylie said, “Couples kiss in real life, you know. Come on.”

Andrea added, “Parte ito ng kuwento. Ito ‘yung mga characters namin. Lovers sila. Gusto lang namin na mabigyan siya ng justice. So nung ginagawa namin yung mga intimate scenes, feel na feel namin na kami si Beth and Cindy and not Kylie and Andrea.”

Executing the supposed kissing scene, Kylie said: “Kinabahan ako kasi I wasn't sure how far I could go, but I think it looked natural and I was so happy na we went that far.”

Andrea enthused, "Ang naramdaman ko talaga, kilig. Naramdaman ko yung love between us. It was a very memorable first kiss with a girl.”

“At totoo siya. Hindi siya iyong nag-usap kami na 'Ito gagawin natin sa part na ito, ito iyong gagawin ko.' Walang ganun. At that moment, I got lost in my character. Pumasok na si Cindy,” she added.