As she hits rock bottom, Kristine Lim soars with grace, style, and her art

Published October 12, 2021, 9:13 AM

by Fojas Sara Grace C.

To you we surrender

Kristine Lim was at rock bottom. Her life was in a series of defeat and the falling never seemed to end, but as she stumbled deep into the darkness, her faith lifted her back up and gave her the inspiration to create hope through her art and her current exhibition “Soar.”

Kristine Lim and her ‘To Know You’ piece

“Ironic that my inspiration with ‘Soar’ came when I felt my life was in a series of falling-off-the-cliff kind of circumstances. Ironic but in my moments of falling and hitting rock bottom, I felt that I was soaring the highest because I knew God was above, beneath, and surrounding me, sweeping me up and gliding me on His wings. His presence assured me that no matter what, I was safe and free,” intimates Kristine.

Two weeks before the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was implemented, Kristine’s son passed away. A few months later, she lost her twin brother. These moments were the most devastating parts of Kristine’s life.

‘And You Are There’ and ‘At Your Command’

“I coped by talking to Him, screaming at Him, crying to Him. I was completely honest by the tremendous hurt and pain that I was feeling. I begged him to take me instead. I was on the floor until I was dry and empty for the night. I coped over and over again. There was no one in this world who would’ve been able to handle those ugly parts of my days and nights but Him, and He was with me,” says Kristine.

Kristine’s exhibit “Soar” became her way of lifting everything up to God, to be still, and know that He is there.

“’Soar’ is not just my story or personal reflection. It’s everyone’s story that presents who our Creator truly is that we can only discern when we allow ourselves to. ‘Soar’ depicts His immeasurable power and might. ‘Soar’ embodies his perfect love that envelopes us,” she says.

‘I am very spontaneous and if I make mistakes, I don’t erase them. I want to highlight the journey of creating the artwork. I want to bring people in on the journey with me.’

For Kristine, soaring is humbling ourselves and letting go, knowing who is in control. Even in her rugged and unpolished style, you’ll notice how she lets her brush, and her hands do the magic. She doesn’t create studies on a separate piece of paper. She draws, sketches, and paints directly on the canvas.

“I am very spontaneous and if I make mistakes, I don’t erase them. I want to highlight the journey of creating the artwork. I want to bring people in on the journey with me. I let the journey, study, mistakes, and final output coexist in one piece. If you look at it, in life, that’s what inspires people. It’s not the finished product or the success of an individual that inspires us and speaks volumes. It’s always the journey,” says Kristine.

‘To Hear You’ and ‘Surrender’

Her journey was summarized in one painting in her exhibit, Surrender. It is a painting of an eagle, in full rest, bravely looking upward, with mirror eyes.

“That eagle was me during the last few hours that I had with my son. I knew he was about to leave. I just held his hand and prayed, ‘I surrender John to You and I will always praise and magnify You.’ As a mother, that was my biggest turning point. God showed me how to really walk by faith and not by sight. He showed me what it felt like to really accept the line, “Let Your will be done,” she says.

Kristine’s exhibit is an exhibit of faith. It shows the journey of a mother who had to take up her cross and carry it for the world to see and be inspired. It features the bravery of a mother with the resilience and point of view of an eagle.

‘Love Swept Low’ and ‘Trust On You’

“I want people who look at my pieces to feel whatever God wants them to feel. I just pray that my works will be an instrument for God to send His message across to the viewer. It is never my story or opinion that matters but His. I’m merely a messenger and my art pieces are His vessels. What the viewers see and feel and how it moves or touches them is beyond me. I pray that it will always be between them and God, their very own secret and intimate conversation,” Kristine ends.

“Soar” is on view at The Manila Hotel until Oct. 30, 2021.