GMA signs up fresh talents for stardom

Published October 11, 2021, 11:21 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

GMA Artist Center (GMAAC) has signed up 20 fresh talents with abilities ranging from singing to acting.

Ready to shine and contribute their talents include showbiz royalties Brianna Bunagan, Saviour Ramos, Tanya Ramos, Lala Vinzon, Alexandra Yap, and Sandro Muhlach.

Also signed up were budding talents Carlo San Juan, Gab Yabut, Kirsten Gonzales, Lime Aranya, Levince Sotto, Matt Lozano, Sebastian Pajarillo, Ashley Alcayde, Jeff Moses, Coleen Paz, Hannah Arguelles, Gabrielle Hahn Lopez, Sheemee Buenaobra, and Shanelle Agustin.

Landing their grandiose dream, thrill and eagerness radiate among the stars. The stars uphold their talents to inspire the audience, be a speckle of positivity, a method to support social movements, and be the voice of unheard stories.

“My passion in any form of art is integral to me as a person, and that is what sets me apart as an artist.” Arguelles states, during a Zoom interview last Sept. 30.

Lala Vinzon, daughter of respected action star Roy Vinzon, presents that being an artist is “being a good role model.” She adds, “We are obliged to become a better person for the people who supported us.” The artist praised her dad’s value and discipline as an actor, allowing her to apply the same attitude in her work ethic.

Fellow celebrity kin, Tanya Ramos, says that she wants to follow in the footsteps of her dad, Wendell Ramos. “I want my passion to be the source of motivation of the people around me.”

Shanelle Agustin, as well, would like to share her story of rejection, that the upcoming artists’ journey of being a Kapuso is a testimony to console aspiring artists who were once rejected and reminds them to continue chasing their ambition.

While Matt Lozano expressed gratitude towards GMA Artist Center for giving value to his craft and providing continuance to his drive as an actor.

Aside from eminence, being part of the youth, this new generation is expected to be the future of our society. Gabrielle Hahn shared how she perceives the bind as an artist with GMA as a platform to influence.

The newest stars take on the opportunity granted to them by GMA as a responsibility and a possibility to speak on social issues. Arguelles, 19, and San Juan, 22 discussed their concern on issues that needs to be communicated among the youngsters.

Hannah said: “Let’s shed a light on women’s rights. Women should be able to pursue the same offers given to men and receive equal treatment.”

“I think that we should compel on the topic of voting. I’ve been there, growing up, my family and I have relied a lot on the government’s help. The government’s activities would affect also those who are in need. So, we should appoint the person who will bring about change,” San Juan added. San Juan was a former tricycle and company driver that owned the moment to showcase his charisma during Mr. Pogi 2019.

From left: Lala Vinzon, Alexandra, Yap, and Shanelle Agustin. Bottom (from left) Sheeme Buenaobra, Coleen Paz, and Gabrielle Hahn Lopez (GMA Artist Center and Nice Print)

The rigorous training molded the newest Kapuso Stars to be in their best physique and mentality. The Kapuso stars blissfully talked about their audition journey and training phase during the virtual interview. Most of them auditioned personally, participated in a talent competition show like “The Clash,” or were scouted online.

“I had to audition three times before being accepted. It was a big jump from being a commercial model to audition, but my inspiration lies on my parents and my friends,” Gabrielle Hahn shared.

“I did not expect to be here. I was someone who would book a lot of sidelines. Performing gigs, Videotape Recording (VTR) auditions, and rackets that involved dancing. The impact felt surreal.” Coleen recalled.

And Sheemee Buenaobra, who once came from another network’s singing competition to representing the Philippines in Jakarta during the “Dangdut Academy” music talent show, and now got signed through “The Clash.”

While Jeff Moses, Kirsten Gonzales, Ashley Alcayde, and Levince Sotto were contacted by then casting staff through social media platforms.

Celebrity successors Lala Vinzon and Sandro Muhlach refuted claims regarding their privilege as showbiz royalties and denied getting a free pass to the showbiz industry.

From left: Sandro Muhlach, Levince Sotto, and Saviour Ramos. Bottom (from left) Sebastian Pajarillo and Carlo San Juan (GMA Artist Center and Nice Print)

Lala answered: “There will be comments about my father giving me the privilege even though I genuinely auditioned for every competition. It’s upsetting to my ego as an artist.”

And Sandro adds, “It took me years and I worked hard to get where I am right now. The achievements that I have are because of me, not because I am a son of a celebrity. Comments like that stings.”

Asked what they can offer to the network, each artist exhibited tenacity.

Brianna, Lala, Lime, Levince, and Jeff are motivated to offer their heart through music, particularly singing. But as of now, Lala and Brianna are exploring the grounds of acting.

While Gab, Kirsten, Matt, Ashley, Sandro, Tanya, Alexandra, and Sebastian are engrossed in acting. Trying out peculiar roles or the genre of romantic-comedy.

Kirsten yearns for a project together with the newest Kapuso stars, stating: “It would be fulfilling to work with my fellow batch mates because I witnessed their struggles, work integrity, and of course, their talents. It would be staggering for all of us to be packed together in a project.” (Kirsten Cabuenos)