Actor Jake Cuenca released from police custody, charged with minor offenses after car chase

Published October 11, 2021, 1:45 PM

by Seth Cabanban

Actor-model Jake Cuenca was released from police custody but later charged with disobedience and reckless imprudence cases.

Police Brig. Gen. Matthew Baccay, EPD director, said in a Viber message sent Oct. 11 that Cuenca was released because he was detained past the 12-hour reglementary period for minor offenses.

Baccay confirmed that Cuenca was supposed to be presented for inquest yesterday, Oct. 10, but the EPD was unable to proceed with the questioning because Cuenca had been detained past the 12 hour-period.

Cuenca was held by police after he allegedly bumped a policeman’s car in Mandaluyong City, triggering a car chase on the night of Oct. 9.

According to a report released by the Eastern Police District (EPD) Public Information Office (EPD-PIO), Grab driver Eleazar Bandolan Martinito, 43, was hit by a stray bullet in the hip when Mandaluyong Police Station Drug Enforcement Unit (MPSDEU) operatives attempted to shoot the rear tires of Cuenca’s vehicle as he evaded arrest.

Martinito was immediately hospitalized. He is currently in stable condition.

Cuenca was charged only with disobedience and reckless impudence, according to Baccay.