EssiLove offering: Protecting our eyesight

French-based Essilor is a global ophthalmic optics company, that designs, manufactures, and markets lenses to correct or protect eyesight. Here in the Philippines, Essilor is all about everything vision-related, and as it’s World Sight Day on October 14, Essilor Philippines held a virtual event earlier today to drum up interest on their concept of EssiLove, and announce a special Ben & Ben online concert on the 14th. Given the popularity of the band, there’s a sure guarantee that there’ll be a lot of EssiLove being spread on that day.

It’s not often that we head to an ophthalmic store and specify which lens they should use; but if you’re after quality, precision, and the range of uses that Essilor has created as part of their offerings, then you’d do well to begin mentioning the brand to ensure you’re getting what you entered the store for.

With this era of being stuck in front of your computer, laptop, or mobile device for countless hours in a day, the importance of eyesight protection has become truly paramount. It isn’t anymore about a world of just corrective lenses and prescription glasses, with protection limited to the notion of when you’re out in the sun, or facing the elements. Right in your home, your eyes can be imperiled by this lifestyle shift to the online world. And that’s why the meaning of protection has drastically changed, and Essilor is pushing that message, so we are aware of the options they’ve made available to protect and preserve our eyesight.

In fact, that was my strongest takeaway from the event. As World Sight Day approaches, the use of correction lenses is a given, it’s the protecting and preserving that becomes our most important reasons for thinking Essilor - and this is especially true for our children who are as fixated on their devices because of the shift to online education. Good eyesight is part of our quality of life - maximizing our potential to interact with the world, and that ties in with Essilor’s mission of improving lives by improving sight.

Essilor’s brand architecture stands on three pillars; to Correct your vision, to Protect your eyes, and to Enhance clarity. And under each pillar, there are specific lenses designed to perform and optimize usage. 

To correct vision, there are EyeZen and VariLux lenses. To protect, look for Blue UV, and Transitions. Blue UV is for protection from prolonged use of your eyes with devices in front of you, while Transitions add the element of turning darker when outdoors. To enhance clarity, there’s the Crizal lenses. I’m far from being the eye or ophthalmic specialist, but I can vouchsafe for how it all made sense as the specialist/resource person was explaining the diversity of the lenses, and how they’ve been crafted for specific purposes. 

So do enjoy the music of Ben & Ben on the 14th, Essilor was smiling explaining how the fact that the main members of the band all wear glasses made them such an ideal choice to represent the brand on World Sight Day. But don’t forget the underlying message of how there are new and strong reasons for thinking Protection and Preservation of our eyesight, and that Essilor is there to provide some of the solutions.