Bongbong ally: 'Yellows' behind two presidential bets with 'Marcos' surname

Published October 6, 2021, 1:08 PM

by Ben Rosario

Senatorial candidate and anti-corruption advocate Larry Gadon on Wednesday, Oct. 6 accused the “yellows’ of being behind the bid of two unknown “Marcoses” for the 2022 presidency.

Sen. Bongbong filing COC

Gadon, a loyal ally of now presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., referred to independent candidates Maria Aurora Marcos and Tiburcio Marcos who separately filed the certificates of candidacy ahead of Bongbong, a former senator.

“Obviously these candidates are lackeys of the yellows. Their filing of COC is aimed at shaving the votes meant for BBM (Bongbong Marcos),” said Gadon.

He added: ”They are obviously nuisance candidates. One cannot run for president without a party, alliances and war chest,” said GA

Marcos Jr., only son of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos, filed his COC on Wednesday. He is the official nominee of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) for president.

The young Marcos’s candidacy has also been endorsed by the once formidable Kilusang Bagong Lipunan party, a political organizations founded by his father.

Maria Aurora submitted her COC to the Comelec on Tuesday, the day Bongbong declared his bid to run for the highest position in the land.

Interviewed by the news media, the presidential bet admitted that she does not have a “political machinery” to back her campaign.

“Wala po ako political machinery na katulad ng mga popular na mga pulitiko pero buo ang loob at tapat ang hangariing makatulong sa inaasam na pagbabago ng lahat ng Pilipino.(I do not have a political machinery like topular politicians but I am determined and have honest intention about my goal to help make the change that all Filipinos wish for),” she said.

She also admitted having not enough “exposure” to serve in the government although she pointed out that she has enough knowledge in pursuing the country’s development.

Tiburcio, on the other hand. filed his COC on Monday. Like Maria Aurora, he is an independent.