TNC surprises fans with new logo

Fans were utterly dumbfounded when TNC Predator and its related groups changed their profile pictures and cover photos to complete black on Facebook last Monday night.

Speculations about the meaning behind the change quickly arise, with some netizens saying that a player left the powerhouse team while a few even went to the extent of alleging that a player died. 

But as it turned out, the renowned Filipino esports organization has revamped its logo to welcome 2021 and unveiled it through a video on Wednesday night. 

"The story of the mighty phoenix does not end with its death. From the dark ashes of its remains, its searing passion rekindles itself back to life--fueled by the same desire to conquer its enemies but now with a stronger fire," the video caption reads. 

A teaser was actually released on Tuesday night, with a caption that reads: "From the blackened ashes, a fire reignites once more."

Compared to its old logo, the organization's new one is more sleek and modern in style. 

The old TNC logo
The new TNC logo for the Dota 2 team and other related businesses under the organization.

The new logo will be used not just in the Dota 2 team but also across TNC's businesses namely TNC Events, TNC Premium Cafe, TNC Cybercafe and Phoenix Apparel. 

The organization also has a new battlecry, changing from #StrongerTogether to #AlwaysRise. 

Sporting its fresh emblem and mantra, TNC will compete in the upper division of the Dota Pro Circuit-Southeast Asia Regional League against classic rival Fnatic, BOOM Esports, T1 and the four winners from the Closed Qualifier.

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The league will start on January 18 and will run until February 27, with the top three finishers earning the right to represent the region in the first Dota 2 Major tournament this year.