Nearly 15,000 San Juan residents sign up for COVID-19 vaccination

Around 15,000 residents of San Juan City have already signed up in the pre-registration drive of the local government in preparation for the rollout of the vaccines against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


According to the latest local government data, a total of 14,750 residents in the city have already registered to voluntarily receive the vaccine as of 12 noon of January 19.

Barangay Greenhills top the most number of registrants with 2,050; followed by Barangay West Crame with 1,128; and Barangay Batis with 1,079.

Most of those willing to get vaccinated belonged to the age group of 30 to 59 years old with 7,220 registrants. Next are those with ages 18 to 29 years old with 3,412 registrants.

There were also 2,573 residents with ages 60 years old and above who have registered, and 1,545 registrants with ages 17 years old and below.

Residents may still sign up online through the COVID-19 Vaccination Online Registration Form They can also go to their barangay halls or health center to register.

The city recently conducted a simulation of its vaccination process at the San Juan Gym in preparation for its inoculation of residents against the dreaded disease.

“We decided to hold the simulation so that early as now, we can see where the problems may be coming from and address them as soon as possible,” said Mayor Francis Zamora.

“We want to be ready when the vaccine arrives and as people can see, we are ready anytime,” he added.

The two-day simulation seeks to work out the flow of the vaccination process of the city, address the gaps before the arrival of the vaccines, and familiarize healthcare workers and other City Hall personnel with their tasks during the vaccination process.

Meanwhile, the local government has reached out to cold chain storage facilities in Metro Manila, as well as mobile cold chain providers for the storage and transport of vaccines in preparation for the expected arrival of the vaccines by next month.

“Since San Juan is just a small city and a relatively small population, we do not need to build nor buy cold chain facilities and equipment because there would be no use for this after we have vaccinated everyone. That is why we are looking at the option of just renting,” said Zamora.

“As for our San Juan City procured AstraZeneca vaccine, which we have already procured 100,000 doses, the requirement is only 2-8 degrees . We already have existing refrigerators for that,” he added.

Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. revealed last week that the COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Sinovac are expected to arrive in the country as early as February.