Check these out—Chicken Stop, Paper+Cup, and Shiok Shiok

Published September 30, 2021, 4:00 PM

by Sandy Daza

POULTRY PARTY Chicken Stop fried chicken

Burgers, ribs, fried chicken are signs that will forever call my attention. The moment I see any of these signs and happen to drive by, I do a thorough scan of the establishments. Will I drop by or pass? Another way is looking out for suggestions from friends whose taste buds I trust.

A foodie friend has told me about a place at BF Paranaque that’s making waves. It’s called Aguirre Chicken. She sent me this chicken and, indeed, it was delicious! So, so crispy and tasty. It was also huge. No wonder it is creating waves.

Another fried chicken I got attracted to was one posted by a friend, Maricris Encarnacion, a foodie at heart. The fried chicken looked small but interesting, so I sent her a private message to inquire. She gave me the thumbs up!

Every Sunday, my kids visit their mom so I’m free to explore whatever food feel I have for lunch. My sights zeroed in on Maricris’ post. Chicken Stop has a few branches around. It has two in Marikina, another in Lagro near SM Fairview, and another on Maginhawa Street. After a few minutes, I was on Maginhawa waiting in line for my turn in this new fried chicken discovery. The place looked promising with so many delivery guys waiting for their orders. I knew I was late in discovering this. Seeing this much evidence around made me anticipate more. I watched in anticipation as they fried my order. They fry the spring chicken twice for extra crispiness. The chicken is small but perfect for one person. They serve it with a choice of five sauces—truffle mayo, soy garlic, sweet chili, garlic mayo, and honey mustard. I chose truffle mayo to go with my chicken. They got my freshly fried crispy chicken, used what looked like a paper cutter, cut my chicken into four pieces, packed it in a box, and handed it to me. I bought a bottle of Royal Tru-Orange at the store next door and got on my car, turned on the aircon, locked the door, got my wipes, prayed, and thanked my God for blessing me with simple joys like this. The moment, I took that crispy delicious bite, I wanted to go back and kiss the fryer. His wife might think I was weird. I hummed while having each bite. Not a single speck of meat was left in those tiny bones. The truffle mayo was very good but this baby would stand on its own. I imagined this to be a perfect combination with three cups of steaming white rice. What a discovery! I thought of sharing this with my kids and my friend who sent me the Aguirre Chicken. In fact, I shared it with my Aguirre foodie friend. She found it so good she wanted to order more that same day. We both agreed this had a slight edge over the one she gave me. Simply delicious. In fact, as soon as I finish this article, I’ll head there and have one. Got hungry writing this. A must-try!

The moment, I took that crispy delicious bite, I wanted to go back and kiss the fryer. His wife might think I was weird.

Chicken Stop is so inexpensive, you’d think they made a mistake pricing it. (Chickenstop.Ph—Maginhawa 0926 660 9038, Marikina 0926 660 9068, 0945 6912 618, and Lagro 0995 0930089)

SAVORY BOX Roast goose with tender beef tendon over braised noodles

Another discovery this week was cookies sent by another foodie friend, Emil Yap. This guy loves to eat and boy can he eat! Soft, nutty, healthy, not too sweet, and simply my type. Old fashioned Rum Raisin and Macadamia cookies are the bestsellers. These are well made cookies by Paper+Cup. (02 8527 8121) Also a must!

Another day, I had a simple craving. Roast goose with beef tendon over braised noodles. I called Shiok shiok, placed my order( tell them to give you a good cut of the goose), and picked it up. Got a can of Royal Tru-Orange again, locked my car, and feasted on it alone. The goose took me to Hong Kong (Pwede na). The tendon was super tender and sticky while the drippings of the tendon flavored the wide noodles. Heaven! This meal so hit the spot, I was humming on the way home. I love doing unexpected meals like this. (Shiok shiok 02 8732 6490)

Meanwhile, my eyes will be scanning the streets for more new discoveries.

Have a great week! Remember: Friends before politics. And happy eating!

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