Lacson: Pharmally official to reveal medical supplier’s 'secrets' but behind closed doors

Published September 27, 2021, 9:47 AM

by Mario Casayuran

An official of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation will reveal what the transactions the firm had with the national government and the participation of Michael Yang, former presidential economic adviser of President Duterte.

This was the text message of Senator Panfilo M. Lacson on the request of Linconn Ong, a Pharmally director, to face senators in an executive (closed door) session where he could reveal which he could not disclose in public hearing.

Because of this development, the Senate Blue Ribbon committee held in abeyance its decision to transfer Ong from the his detention cell at the Senate Office of the Sergeant at Arms (OSAA) to the Pasay city jail.

Yang had denied a statement of Ong that he financially helped or acted as guarantor of Pharmally so that it could bag the billions of pesos worth of contracts of COVID 19-related medical supplies from the Procurement Service Department of Budget and Management (DBM),

Senators had questioned how Pharmally could bag about P11 billion worth of contracts since it had a paid up capital of only P625,000.

Lacson disclosed that Ong had asked permission to get Pharmally documents so that he would tell the Senate is accurate like how much Yang had given in advance to Pharmally and how much Pharmally had given back to Yang.

Senators, however, refused. Lacsaon said he knew Ong had these and other Pharmally details in his USB.

Lacson warned that Ong would stay longer at OSAA and would be transferred to the Pasay city jail should Ong trick his way of the situation.

On the case of Krizle Grace Mago of Pharmally, Lacson said Grace was on the verge of disclosing more details on Pharmally’s dealings with PS-DBM had she not been distracted by his colleagues who also asked her questions.

Mago earlier revealed that Mohit Dargani, Pharmally secretary-treasurer, had given orders for change the production dates of face shields.

Being a former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Lacson said he knew Mago, because of her voice, was about to tell the truth but was distracted.

The Senate continues to search for Mago so that she could be given protection by the Senate after testifying that they doctored the expired dates of the face shields.

Mago had testified before the Senate through video conferencing.