Mayor Isko appeals to Filipino voters: Please accept my humble application

Published September 26, 2021, 8:01 PM

by Manila Bulletin

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso appealed to Filipino voters to accept his “humble application” for president in the May national and local elections.

(Manila PIO/ File photo / MANILA BULLETIN)

“I humbly ask my dear fellow Filipinos: In May next year, please accept my humble application to lead this nation. And of course, grant me my running mate. In responding to the pandemic, we need swift action. This can be done if my working partner is a health expert,” Domagoso said in his column.

Dr. Willie Ong, a well-known public health advocate, will be Domagoso’s running mate.

Domagoso believes that with Ong as his running mate, they can serve the country well in its fight against COVID-19.

He described Ong as a doctor “with a big heart, intelligence and time for the masses. He has an untarnished record and had been continually helping those who are sick and who have health problems, free of charge. He will be with us during the expected continuing pandemic.”

Domagoso said he comes from a very small and poor family. ”I was the only one who pulled myself out of the gutter. My surname is a lone ranger in government. I am the only Domagoso in the government directory and the name I carry is also ‘missing in action’ in the social registry.”

He added: “Yes, I grew up poor, but I was never rude. Since I put my hand on a Bible to take my oath of office, I have been a believer that trust resides in the people, action in those elected into office, and mercy in God.”

“A leader should not only think outside the box, he must also choose people outside his circle,” he said, adding that his governance will not be based on connections but on the capability to do the right tasks.

Domagoso also said he will be “a healing president, which is why I will never be consumed with putting the blame on the past administration for any problems I may face in the future. Only by looking forward can any administration be able to move fast toward progress.” (Lemuel Baruela)