Empowering women micro-entrepreneurs through 'effective' marketing

Published September 26, 2021, 2:31 PM

by Gabriela Baron

Marketing is one of the most important things a business can do.

The recently concluded two-day webinar hosted by the Department of Agriculture Region 2 through the GREAT Women Project 2 offered tips on how to effectively market their businesses.

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In a virtual forum titled Market till You Make It (Market Trends and Marketing Strategy: Research, Planning, and Branding 101), Marketing Manager Julian Sison underscored how marketing not only builds brand awareness, but also increases sales, grows businesses, and engage brand customers.

“One of the main objectives of marketing is to answer customers’ question to ‘Why should I buy this?’ or ‘Why should I buy your product?’. That is the reason why we need marketing, to make people choose our products, choose our services,” Sison said in Filipino.

Sison also underscores the importance of research which provides WMEs with essential information about their competitors and existing products.

“Because of the pandemic, a lot has changed in how people buy and how businesses conduct their selling,” he continued.

He added that market research will help WMEs develop a successful marketing strategy and making informed decisions.

“Keep your eyes open for trends, issues, and new businesses that are emerging.”

Know your target market

According to Sison, identifying a target market helps WMEs develop effective marketing communication strategies.

“Your target market, it takes a good understanding to know who are the possible buyers of your products,” he added.

To determine a target market, WMEs are urged to review their search finding or review their current customers; think of who their products will appeal to; and define their demographics and psychographics.

A demographic refers to distinct characteristics of a population, while psychographics is the study of consumers based on their activities, interests, and opinions.

Exploring e-commerce platforms

Amid slowing economic activity due to lockdowns and COVID-related restrictions, e-commerce sales have increased significantly during the pandemic.

“Now there are a lot of e-commerce platforms online. If you’re not selling on Facebook, you should. The Filipinos are the top Facebook users in the world. You should be where the customers are,” Sison said.

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Funded by the Government of Canada and led by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), GREAT Women Project 2 aims to improve the economic empowerment of WMEs and their workers through improving competitiveness and sustainability of women’s micro-enterprises and improving the enabling environment for women’s economic empowerment.

PCW Regional Coordinator Porfirio Bajo also praised the contributions of WMEs in invigorating the Philippine economy.

“I hope you can still find time to relax, you can still find reason to carry on, and you won’t stop believing in yourselves. I salute our WMEs, you are mighty creators, you admirable. The power to change your situation is within you,” Bajo said.

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