Rebel with a cause

Cartier’s Clash limited presents a radical approach to precious jewelry

STYLE RENEGADE Lily Collins wearing the jewelry collection

More mesmerizing than ever, the latest Clash de Cartier jewelry pieces rebel against classic forms.

With its exaggerated volumes, intense black, oversized studs, and bold wearing options, the capsule collection Clash limited reinvents Clash de Cartier.

What it highlights is an expression of extreme tension, a clash of opposites, geometric lines combined with inflated volumes. These new jewelry pieces amplify the clash of opposing attitudes.

The nuts and bolts of the limited edition are the Clash de Cartier studs. Excessive, spiky, and voluminous, they represent a radical approach to precious jewelry in white and in black, occasionally punctuated with hints of purple.

INSURGEM Clash limited ring and watch

But the collection has many bold interpretations you can wear in every way you can imagine—as “Mitten” watches, as pocket gems, as two-finger rings or stacked rings, as ear jewelry, as clips you can wear inside or along the ear, or as reversible bracelets and necklaces.

This rebel collection makes fun of style rules, but each of its pieces has been the subject of many workshop hours at the Cartier design studios, exploring all possibilities with a novel approach to using diamonds, onyx, and amethyst.

And yet, and yet, Cartier’s Clash limited is a rebel with a cause, committed to sustainability. Its commitment is illustrated by the responsible sourcing of diamonds from areas free from conflict, in compliance with the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council regulations. Today, 100 percent of Cartier diamonds are part of a sustainable collaboration with trusted suppliers who are committed to respecting best social and environmental practices, which for the most part are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

So yes, even in this new collection, the Clash limited, you can be a renegade who’s doing a lot of good in this world.

In the Philippines, Cartier is at Greenbelt 4, Shangri-La Plaza, and Solaire Resort & Casino.