Motolite Excel packed with new features using German technology

Published September 24, 2021, 6:28 AM

by Edgard Hilario

Motolite Excel

New features have been introduced to the Motolite Excel using German technology that made the acknowledged “best battery in the market” more durable and reliable than ever, with experts saying it now lasts at least 70% longer than competing lead-acid batteries.
The Excel’s high-purity electrolyte, specially manufactured at Motolite’s state-of-the-art facility, is formulated to minimize water loss and slow down self-discharge, which are key concerns in tropical applications.
This means that motorists can be confident that their batteries won’t run out of water even if subjected to extreme temperatures under the hood and excessively hot weather. Studies have shown that the number of days with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius per year has doubled since the 1980s due to global warming.
The new Motolite Excel also has thick, rigid, and full-framed positive and negative grids with wire architecture optimized for mechanical endurance, high-temperature corrosion resistance, and current delivery.
The Excel also boasts of specially formulated paste to increase cranking capability and cycle endurance. The cell design, meanwhile, increases mechanical durability and prevents internal short-circuits.
Its glass-mat laminated polyethylene separator envelopes secure active masses, preventing shedding even on deep discharges and tough road conditions, resulting in exceptional durability and longer service life.
The cells are designed to have snug-fitting elements, improving the vibration resistance and mechanical durability of the battery. The thicker posts and through-the-partition cell connectors, on the other hand, promote more efficient current flow, helping achieve maximum capacity, delivering exceptional durability, and ensuring longer service.
The New Excel also features rigid, full-framed positive and negative grids with wire architecture optimized for both mechanical endurance, corrosion resistance, and current delivery.
The Excel’s casing, a product of Motolite’s recycling initiative, is impact-resistant and all-weather, with polypropylene covers and containers designed for all types of battery trays and compartments.
To complement the advancements in its products, the Filipino company also led the way in service innovation via the Motolite Res-Q App, the first mobile app to offer multiple services to motorists off and on the road, including assistance for a dead battery, flat tire, overheating, and empty fuel.

Just download the app, register your vehicle and input the details being prompted by the app so when you are in an emergency, Motolite will automatically know what you need and where you are because of its GPS feature and it can service you promptly. Services are rendered free to Motolite users. You can easily download the Res-Q App via the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.