Mayor Isko responds to allegations on gambling problem

Published September 24, 2021, 1:38 PM

by Andrea Aro

Manila Mayor “Isko Moreno” Domagoso gamely answered questions from netizens on Friday, particularly about his alleged gambling problem, the reason why he is running for president, and his expectations as a presidential candidate.

(Photo by Ali Vicoy / MANILA BULLETIN)

Domagoso officially announced on Wednesday, Sept. 22, his presidential bid with cardiologist and social media personality Dr. Willie Ong as his running mate.

In an interview on ANC with Karen Davila, Domagoso was asked about his alleged gambling problem.

“Hindi, did I play in casino? Yes. Did I play in the streets? Yes. Have I been playing since I’m young? Yes, but am I a gambler? No,” Domagoso said.

Under Presidential Decree No.1869, government officials and employees are not allowed to play and gamble in casinos.

“Did I go to the casino when I was a mayor? No, because there is a policy made by President Duterte bawal lahat ang mga taong gobyerno sa casino (All government officials are not allowed in casinos).”

“I’m no angel, but I guarantee you, I’m no demon,” he added.

Domagoso also said he was expecting brickbats after he announced his presidential bid.

“Well, we’re expecting a lot of things. It’s going to be the turbulent months of my life but as far as I’m concerned, bakit naman biglang magkakaron ng (Why all of a sudden there would be) revelation, after what? 23 years of public service without any corruption charges against me or filed against me? proven against me?,” he said.

“Then all of a sudden I became a Mayor and tried my best and excelled in my work then nung tatakbo akong presidente may kaso ako? (Then when I decided to run for president, there are now charges against me?),” he added.

Domagoso said he is running for the highest position in government because he believes that the current situation of the country “must not continue.”

“This thing cannot continue whatever we are now, this must not continue. We have to offer other alternatives in addressing COVID-19,” he added..