Graffiti is beautiful, like a brick in the face of a cop

No more fashion shows, at least not like before, so British fashion house Alexander McQueen takes the show to the streets, spray-painting it in big, bold black strokes around the fashion capitals of the world. Coinciding with the launch of McQueen’s latest graphic, norm-defying Graffiti collection, the show turns heads as graffiti on street walls, on pavements, splashed across the sides of taxis or buses, in the subway or on overhead train stations. It’s a guerilla marketing campaign activated in the epicenters of world fashion. Borrowing from the arsenal of art that provokes, art that breaks barriers, art that shakes up the system, art that pushes envelopes, it’s an out-of-home push now splashed all over New York, London, Paris, Milan, also Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, and Dubai. Did we hear anyone say, “Will Manila ever be on the list?” Graffiti tattooed above the knuckles of our pointer and middle fingers, we keep our digits crossed.