PROUD GF! Sue Ramirez backs Javi Benitez's political plan

Javi Benitez and Sue Ramirez


This was the reaction of actress Sue Ramirez after her boyfriend actor Javi Benitez declared his plan to run for mayor of Victorias City in Negros Occidental in 2022.

Javi, son of former 3rd district congressman Alfredo Benitez, wrote on Instagram: "We will be a government that won't be reactive but proactive. A government that puts public consultation as a top priority and a government that is for all."

"Sa akon nga mga kasimanwa nga Victoriahanons, the time is now," Javi added.

In another post, Javi shared Inday Sue's message to him.

"Ang wish ko sa imo, just be yourself because you are enough, you are smart. You are going to be a good leader and I'm sure of that. We're just here supporting you all the way. Don't ever forget that," it read.

"When you go around and you meet people, absorb. And I hope that you give a piece of yourself to each and every person that you meet. We're just here for you all the time if you need us. 'Yun lang, Jav. Love you."