PNP probe leaning towards suicide of Bree Jonson

Published September 23, 2021, 8:56 AM

by Aaron Recuenco 

The ongoing investigation on the death of artist Breana “Bree” Jonson is leaning towards suicide based on the testimony and other pieces of evidence that were obtained at the course of the probe.

But Police Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Peralta, director of the Police Regional Office 1, said that it is not yet final as the investigation is still ongoing, adding that there are still questions that need to be answered on the circumstances that led to the death of Jonson.

Police investigators are now waiting for the result of the autopsy performed on the cadaver of Jonson. But based on the initial results, she died of asphyxia and that she tested positive for cocaine use.

“We are not saying that there was no foul play in this case but the results of our investigation, more on possibility that there was no foul play and that possibly, Breana committed suicide,” he added.

Peralta also said that during the investigation, there were no signs or markings on the body of Jonson that would indicate physical confrontation with her boyfriend Julian Ongpin.

“Our investigators noticed wounds on some parts of the body of Julian Ongpin but his explanation on how he got them is consistent with the result of the initial investigation,” said Peralta.

Ongpin told the police that he suffered the wounds from protruding nails on the small opening leading to the comfort room of a hostel they rented in San Juan, La Union.

He narrated that when Jonson was not responding to his call, she forced her way inside through the small opening of the CR. He then brought Jonson in one of the beds and immediately sought the assistance of hostel staff to revive her.

When the police arrived, they found 12.6 grams of cocaine which served as the basis for filing of drug-related charges against Ongpin who also tested positive for cocaine use. But he was released by the La Union Provincial Prosecutor’s Officec for further investigation.

Peralta also disclosed that they also found an identification card issued by the Manila City government which states that Jonson was Person with Disability. It indicated that she was suffering from psychosocial disorder.

“Our investigators found anti-depressant drugs in the room,” said Peralta.

Another item found was a small chain which is believed to have been used by Jonson.

“While we assume that they (Julian and Bree) are in a relationship, we also found out that there is another person who claims that he is her boyfriend. This will be part of our investigation,” said Peralta.

Police said they believe Ongpin is aware of Jonson’s condition but they said they will also invite the friends of the two who were with them before the body of Jonson was discovered.