LOOK: Viral wedding coordinator attempts suicide

The saga continues

In less than 24 hours from the time Jesson Argabio posted the video of a bride crying because there was no wedding reception even though the couple paid for it, the wedding coordinator Naser Fuentes (who supposedly ran away after the ceremony) finally showed up.

According to Manila Bulletin news, Fuentes was at a hospital in Mandaue City on September 23. This was because he attempted to commit suicide. A video shows him in a wheelchair as posted by DYHP RMN Cebu.

Fuentes was last seen at the couple Ariel and Cherry Purisima's church wedding. The couple and the rest of the suppliers couldn't locate him right after the ceremony. They were hoping that Fuentes could have been busy preparing the reception area. Sadly, they couldn't find him. Even the reception venue confirmed that there was no booking made on the couple's wedding day.