‘Squid Game’’s scary doll spotted in Metro Manila and is on the lookout for jaywalkers

Published September 22, 2021, 7:25 PM

by John Legaspi

Jaywalkers, beware! “Squid Game”’s scary doll is looking for you. Well, at least only on this particular mall in Metro Manila.

Photo from Netflix

A 10-foot-tall doll from the Netflix series is erected at the Robinsons Galleria Ortigas Mall (East Wing Entrance) to monitor jaywalkers that cross the mall’s nearby street. While its attention is focused on the rule-breakers, people who saw it already cannot deny the fear they feel when they see the doll.

Aga naman magsara ng Robinsons geh uwi na lang ako,” @Charlotte Dadia posted on Facebook.

Grabe naman shizuoka andito ka na agad sa Philippines,” @SaranghaeyoOppaa said.

Parang nakakatakot pumunta sa Robinsons ems. Baka barilin ako pag gumalaw ako ahahaha,” @instantmaki tweeted.

The doll is one of the show’s key figures, particularly on the “Red Light, Green Light” game in the first episode. Check out this video to see the doll in action. Jaywalkers were surprised when the giant doll started moving its head and its eyes flashed red light.

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