Ex-Senator Jinggoy Estrada slams Ateneo Martial Law Museum's statement on Bongbong, Toni interview

Published September 20, 2021, 11:16 AM

by Patrick Garcia

Ex-Senator Jinggoy Estrada said on Monday that he totally disagrees with the statement of the Ateneo Martial Law Museum regarding the recent interview of actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga with former Senator Bongbong Marcos on her Youtube channel last Monday.

In an open letter posted on Wednesday, the Martial Law museum said Gonzaga’s show has contributed to the whitewashing and downplaying of the atrocities during the dictatorship of Bongbong’s late father Ferdinand Marcos.

“Your show has contributed to the Marcos family’s attempts to whitewash their human rights violations and proven historical record. Marcos is a lying clout chaser, desperate to change public opinion about historical facts as he has neither history nor truth to his side,” the letter read.

“ATENISTA DIN PO AKO (I am an Atenista as well)!! But I totally DISAGREE with the statements made by the Ateneo Martial Law Museum concerning the interview of Ms. Toni Gonzaga with Bongbong Marcos,” Estrada said in a Facebook post.

“Sa ilalim ng malayang pamamahayag sa isang demokratikong bansa, kung ano man ang opinyon, suhestiyon, posisyon, pahayag o aksiyon ng isang mamamayan ay dapat respetuhin.

Huwag natin itong sikilin para lamang umayon sa kagustuhan natin (In accordance with the freedom of speech and expression in a democratic country, whatever the opinion, suggestion, position, comment, or action of a citizen should be respected. This should not be hindered just for the sake of one’s own desire),” he added.

Jinggoy explained that Gonzaga used her own channel and she has every right to invite whoever she wants and discuss any topic. He added that she can express her own opinions and urged the public to not force their opinion or stand on certain issues on her.

“And lastly, my advice to those people behind the Ateneo Martial Law Museum – Put up your own youtube channel and invite/interview personalities that can satisfy your beliefs,” Estrada said.