Extend the life of unwanted neckties by turning them into one-of-a-kind patchwork tote

Published September 17, 2021, 4:38 PM

by John Legaspi

ArteFino brings back the Neckties Tote Bag

There are only a handful of staples a man has to have in his wardrobe. There’s a good watch or eyewear for a touch of luxury. There are pairs of shoes—leather, brogues, and casual sneakers—for any occasion and even sets of pants coming in denim of light and dark wash, black slacks, burn the khakis. And there is the least favorite, the necktie. While many men dread wearing them, in the corporate world filled with pinstripes and black and white shades, neckties offer a way for them to express their individuality. It may come through by a choice of bold color, print, or material.

Necktie Tote Bag (Photo from ArteFino’s website)

But just like with many of our closet pieces, men outgrow their neckties for a myriad of reasons, leaving to be passed on, or hanged in a vintage shop, or worst, send to landfills. In order to prolong the lives of neckties, ArteFino, a movement that celebrates Filipino artisans, is bringing back the Neckties Tote Bag.

Sustainability and circularity have been long part of ArteFino’s core. To continue that, as well as its support to Filipino craftsmen, it has partnered again with Touch of Craft Inc. as they call for unwanted neckties to turn them into one chic and special fashion item.

“With the help of seasoned artisans, join us in an upcycling initiative as we extend the life of your neckties,” it announces. “Let our artisans transform 15 of your neckties into a one-of-a-kind patchwork tote. The patchwork necktie totes have been very popular since their launch (and relaunch). Now, we’re giving you a chance to make it personal and make it your own.”

Just imagine how it is to have a bag decked with florals, paisleys, geometric shapes, and other vibrant patterns. That would be one interesting conversation piece. A thick, beaded tassel also adorns the bag’s handle to match its overall quirky charm.

Learn more about the Neckties Totes at ArteFino’s website or @artefinoph on Instagram.