'Kapital mo dugo': Duterte wonders why Gordon's Red Cross needs to charge money for blood

Why do Filipinos have to pay for blood coming from the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) if they get blood donations from citizens?

President Rodrigo Duterte (left) and Senator Richard Gordon (Photos from Malacañang, MANILA BULLETIN)

President Duterte left this question in the minds of the viewers of the latest "Talk to the People" episode aired on Thursday morning, Sept. 16. This, as Duterte unleashed a fresh batch of tirades against the chairman of PRC, Senator Richard Gordon.

"May I remind the good senator, that alam mo yung corruption mo dyan sa Red Cross, buhay ang nilalaro mo dyan. As a matter ang kapital mo nga, dugo. Hindi ka na nahiya dyan? (Your corruption in Red Cross involves you playing with the lives of people. As a matter of fact, blood is your capital. Have you no shame?)" Duterte said during the pre-recorded public briefing.

He noted that PRC's blood donation drives or "bloodletting" activities usually involve members of the government’s own security forces.

"Mahilig kayong magpa-bloodletting. Isang batalyon na pulis, isang batalyon na army. Tapos ang mga tao dyan kung kailangan, bumili. Ang mahirap dyan o mayaman, gusto ng dugo sa Red Cross, nagbabayad! (You like to carry out bloodletting. A police battalion and an army battalion joins you. But then if people need blood, they have to pay. Whether poor or rich, those who want blood from Red Cross pays for it!)" Duterte said.

"Eh saan naman yung mga dugo na kinuha mo dyan sa mga sundalo pati pulis pati sibilyan? (Where is all the blood that was taken from the soldiers, police, and even civilians?) I'm just trying to reconcile...Magbayad ka maski mahirap ka (You pay even if you're poor)," he noted.

According to the President, the purpose of a bloodletting should be to render assistance to fellow Filipinos who are in need of blood for medical purposes.

Switching gears but still very disdainful toward Gordon, the Chief Executive bared that he would ask a favor from the fictional Count Dracula--a vampire--if he could.

"Kaya kailangan ko makausap ko si Dracula. Ipakagat kita natutulog, kunin lahat dugo mo. Marami kang dugo, ganda ng katawan mo. Bilog na bilog. Puro dugo yan (That's why I need to talk to Dracula. I'll have you bitten in your sleep, suck all of your blood. You have a lot of blood, you have a healthy body. Very rotund. It's all blood)," he said.

Duterte had earlier made fun of Gordon's weight .

Last week, Duterte told Gordon to have PRC audited by the Commission on Audit (COA), or else.