'Pakiramdam namin iniwan na kami': Doctor shares COVID-19 reality for patients, health workers

Published September 14, 2021, 1:28 PM

by Gabriela Baron

A public health worker took to social media to share the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reality for patients and health workers as virus cases continue to soar.

(Photo from Jennifer Aranzamendez)

In a Facebook post, Dr. Jennifer Aranzamendez bared the realities of the ongoing health crisis that seems to have “no destination.”

Aranzamendez recalled a pregnant patient who died due to severe COVID-19. She said the patient gave birth to a twin who are now both intubated.

She also revealed that they even donate blood to COVID-19 positive patients who need it.

“Pagod, pawis, luha, pati dugo na puhunan namin sa labang ito. Ano pa ba [kailangan] nyo? Ilan pa? Ilan patunay pa ba [kailangan] nyo lahat para mapatunayan na may COVID. Na pag sinabi namin na magpabakuna na kayo, ibig sabihin ngayon na! Hindi pag may Pfizer at Moderna na. Dahil ayaw na namin makipagsisihan na ‘sinabi na namin sa inyo’ (We invest our fatigue, sweat, tears, even blood in this find. What else do you need? How many more? How many more proofs do you need to prove that COVID-19 exits. When we tell you to get vaccinated, we mean now! Don’t wait for Pfizer and Moderna. Because we don’t want to play the blame game and say ‘we told you so’),” Aranzamendez wrote.

It’s as if health workers are being put in a raffle every week as they await the result of their COVID-19 tests, she added.

Aranzamendez said when someone tests positive for COVID-19 or had to quarantine, they instantly grapple with understaffing.

“Buti na lang bakunado kami. So medyo swerte puro mild lang pag may tinamaas sa ngayon kahit pakiramdam namin nags-swimming na sa hangin ang COVID sa dami ng COVID positive na pasyente namin (Fortunately we are all vaccinated. So when someone catches the virus, they usually suffer from mild symptoms even though we feel like the virus is just swimming in the air with the number of COVID positive patients we have right now),” she added.

Aranzamendez reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and noted that most of their patients who experience severe COVID-19 symptoms are unvaccinated.

“[Hindi] namin alam kung ano ang mas masaklap, yung [di] nyo kami paniwalaan o yun mga politikong nagagawa pa kaming sigawan! (We don’t know what’s worse, those who refuse to believe us or those politicians who still berate us)” she lamented.

“Kami andito pa rin. Handang-handang magbakuna. Pero asan ang bakuna? Kaya minsan parang pakiramdam namin iniwan na kami sa laban (We’re still here. We’re ready to vaccinate the public. But where are the vaccines? This is why sometimes we feel like we’ve been left alone in this battle).”