NBI-7 releases artist’s sketch of lawyer’s killer

CEBU CITY — The National Bureau of Investigation Central Visayas (NBI 7) has released the artist’s sketch of the man who gunned down lawyer Rex Fernandez on broad daylight last August 26.

The gunman, who was wearing a facemask during the attack, was believed to be in his 30s.

The NBI 7 said a witness described the perpetrator to be between 5-foot-4 to five-foot six with slim build.

The attack was captured by a security camera. The lawyer was killed on the spot while his driver was critically wounded.

The NBI 7, which is conducting a parallel investigation upon the orders of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra, said the lawyer’s family has been very cooperative in the probe.

The Cebu City Police Office (CCPO), on the other hand, has created a special investigation task group that will focus on solving the murder.

While no suspect has been arrested yet, the police believed that the killing of the lawyer was an “inside job.”

Before he was killed, Fernandez staged a hunger strike outside the condominium he was staying after the management cut off his water supply.

The lawyer had posted on his Facebook account the names of the persons who wanted him dead.

The management of the condominium has condemned insinuations that the conflict had something to do with the lawyer’s death.