Angelina Jolie wins as 'president' in Comelec internet voting test run

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie won as president in the internet voting test run of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) held from September 11 to 13.


Jolie, who garnered 90 votes bested actor Brad Pitt who in turn received 82 votes.

For vice president, actor Christian Bale won with 84 votes over singer Mariah Carey's 72 votes.

The senatorial race was topped by Robert Downey Jr, with 220 votes, followed by Gal Gadot (193), Hugh Jackman (157), Bruno Mars (144), Lady Gaga (131), and Henry Cavill (130).

Placed 7th to 11th places are Michael Douglas (116), Emma Watson (115), Michael Jordan (114), Justin Bieber (113), and Dwayne Johnson (109).

Tied at 12th spot with 108 votes each are Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, and Ariana Grande.

For party-list, 20th Century Fox received the most votes with 51 votes, followed by Backstreet Boys with 43 votes, BTS with 30 votes, and Aerosmith with 21 votes.

The Comelec used the names of famous Hollywood actors and groups to simulate the participants in the mock elections.

Comelec - Office for Overseas Voting (OFOV) Director Sonia Bea Wee-Lozada said celebrity names were used in the mock elections to "make it more fun and recognizable for everyone."

The poll official presented the results of the 48-hour test voting activity to the media on Monday, Sept. 13.

A total of 669 qualified test voters registered to participate in the activity.

The first test run for overseas internet voting started Sept. 11 to 13 using the voting system of Voatz.

The Comelec said other service providers Indra and Smartmatic are also set to conduct demonstrations this month.