Next administration should let ICC probe on drug war happen, says Robredo

The least the next administration can do in connection with President Duterte's case with the International Criminal Court (ICC) is to let a potential investigation take place in an "unhampered" manner.

Vice President Leni Robredo (OVP photo)

Vice President Leni Robredo had this to say during an online interview Friday afternoon, Sept. 3, with just eight months to go before Filipinos chose who their next leader would be.

Duterte's war against illegal drugs, which has allegedly led to the killing of thousands of Filipinos--has placed him on the sights of ICC for years now.

A recent ICC report bared that 94 percent of the victims told court prosecutors that the investigation on the bloody anti-drug drive should push through.

"If the crimes were committed noong member pa tayo ng (when we were still a member of the) ICC...nasasaklaw pa tayo ng (we are still covered by the) investigation because the crimes were committed when we were still member of the ICC," said Robredo.

"So the least na ma-eexpect natin sa susunod na (that we can expect from the next) administration is to let the investigations na mangyari siya (happen)...Yung (the) due course ng (of the) investigation...should be unhampered," she said.

The Philippines withdrew from the ICC in 2019, or three years after Duterte assumed the Palace seat. His term is up to June 30, 2022.

Opposition leader Robredo also said that it's up to the next administration to assess whether or not the country’s withdrawal from the ICC was "to the best interest of the country".

If not, she says it's incumbent upon the next administration "to do something about it".

Robredo is mulling a possible run for the presidency in the May 2022 polls, while Duterte is flrting with a vice presidential run.