Viral priest Fr. Ferdinand Santos raises money for the poor, gets more pledges of assistance

Published September 2, 2021, 8:07 PM

by Robert Requintina

Fr. Ferdinand Santos

Viral Filipino priest Fr. Ferdinand Santos has prayed for understanding as support for his program to help the poor poured out.

Santos said that he still couldn’t understand the commotion on social media about his viral pictures.

“Lord, let me place myself in your hands. I do not understand what’s going on around me. But do with me as you please. I am your instrument.” I guess God really does have a purpose for doing things – in His way, not ours. At holy hour this morning, I asked Him again: “Why Lord, what did I do wrong? What was all that commotion about?” There was no answer, as usual,” Santos prayed.

But the good-looking priest received an unexpected an answer for his prayers during breakfast.


“While having breakfast with the bishop, the answer came, in the form of a piece of paper with phone numbers for me to call: people wanting to help the poor. “Use me, Lord, I am your instrument, then set me aside; that you alone may be known,” Santos said.

On Sept, 1, Santos said he raised more than P125,000 for the poor as he received more pledges of assistance for his program.

“All such will go directly to the bishop’s work on behalf of the poor and hungry. The Lord sure knows what he is doing. We just have to trust when he decides to make use of us. I asked for the grace to be able to help with the poor and be poor; and He has granted it,” he said.

Santos added: “For anyone who would like to help the poor and hungry, please do get in touch. Let us use the craziness of the last few days for genuine good. It is this that generates hope, slowly.”

THROWBACK photo of Fr. Ferdi Santos with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (right)

“Please be assured that your intent for whatever you give will be absolutely respected and will go only to feeding the poor. (I’ve never handled money as an administrator, and I never will.)” he said.

Netizens praised Santos for his effort to help the poor, as they encouraged him to accept the gift of admiration from the public. But Santos said he frowns at the celebrity status.

Some comments:

“Prayers for you, Father. May our good Lord shower you with strength and love abundantly to surpass this sudden turn of events in your priestly life.”


“Father, God has gifted you with good looks to bring Him closer to His people. Accept your gift and use it for God’s greater glory.”

“Very good decision, father. No need to engage and just choose what God wants you to be. God bless.”

“Look at the ‘celebrity issue’ on the positive side by propagating the word of God using social media.”

“A lot of priests purposely stay away from Facebook. So can he if he wanted to. He just has to deactivate his account, or change his settings and limit access to his real friends, fellow religious, his bishop, and his archdiocese.”