LOOK: Actress Felicya Angelista’ surprise video call from Song Joong Ki; husband planned it all

Published August 31, 2021, 1:48 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

She joked about her pregnancy “craving” for a call from the Vicenzo lead actor

Well, the husband’s surprise was a success! What started out as a prank on what was supposed to be a pregnancy craving, actress Felicya Angelista was, in turn, surprised by her husband Cesar Hito. Both are celebrities in Indonesia.

Accoding to Tempo Indonesia, Felicya told Caesar that she was joking about her “craving,” but by that time, Caesar already made calls to make sure his wife gets what she wants. In his Instagram post, “Praise God this super random craving for my wife came true. It started with her pranking me and I only got to find out when I watched her vlog, but I already called my friend in South Korea to find the management’s number.”

That morning of the special video call, Felicya shared that she had no idea what was going to happen. Caesar just asked her to get ready to vlog. “In the morning, I was asked to put on makeup, and I was confused,” she says on her vlog.

The next video shows a man in blue setting up the video call. He’s Raymond, the friend of Ceasar, who made this possible. Then he gives way as the door opens with Song Joong Ki entering the room and starting a conversation with Felicya. Though the whole conversation wasn’t shared on the vlog, Felicya can be seen giddy from this experience.

“I wanted to thank Caesar Hito for asking for a video call with my idol. I got it! Thank you, God Jesus!” she posted on her Instagram account. Lucky girl!