AXA unveils innovative Health Care Access to combat rising medical costs

Published August 27, 2021, 10:51 AM

by MB Technews

AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance companies, introduced its latest and most innovative health insurance plan Health Care Access via a virtual press conference recently.

“We know all too well that sudden medical emergencies can happen to anyone, much worse if it rears its head during a pandemic,” said Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines President and CEO. “We developed Health Care Access as a way for Filipino individuals and families to protect themselves from life’s unexpected moments—freeing them from their worries while affording them a more secure future.”

Health Care Access protects Filipino individuals and families from life’s unexpected moments

AXA Health Care Access provides full coverage and cashless payment arrangements which is advantageous given today’s ongoing pandemic. It also comes with free access to 24/7 teleconsultation via voice or video call with a medical professional.

AXA Health Care Access offers a comprehensive and affordable health care solution for one’s hospitalization and medical needs through a modest monthly or annual premium.

It comes in two plan types: Health Care Access Prime and Health Care Access Lite.

Health Care Access Prime provides comprehensive coverage of up to five million pesos (PHP5,000,000) annually. This plan is ideal for those who have no HMO like entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants. Health Care Access Prime offers inpatient and outpatient care, and emergency care treatment up to the Annual Benefit Limit (ABL). This also includes an Annual Physical Exam starting from seven basic exams, with life and accident insurance benefits of up to PHP500,000. Moreover, customers can include optical care benefits to the plan by paying a small additional annual premium.

For those with HMO coverage from their employment but need additional protection, Health Care Access Lite is designed to provide just that on top of one’s existing health care plan or personal health fund. Health Care Access Lite offers inpatient and emergency care treatment up to the ABL. It also includes life and insurance accident from PHP50,000 to PHP500,000. Moreover, you can enhance the coverage of your plan with outpatient care, optical care, or dental care benefit by also paying a small additional premium.

Full coverage in a pandemic plus other benefits

Other superior benefits include the Longevity Health Fund, which one can tap into for health setbacks as they grow older and when they need it the most—beyond the age of 75. Customers get guaranteed renewability, family coverage within one plan, and even a premium reduction of 10% when the plan is extended to at least one family member, plus the option to add a ‘booster’ or add-on depending on your specific needs.

The Critical Illness Booster provides additional cash benefit if one gets diagnosed with any of the 56 critical illness conditions, and may be used for other medical expenses or as income replacement. The Annual Benefit Limit, on the other hand, automatically increases one’s annual benefit limit by 10% every three years to help keep up with rising medical costs.

AXA Health Care Access, which will be available starting August 16, encourages a more proactive and preparedness-oriented attitude towards health for everyone, allowing Filipinos to take full charge of their physical wellbeing for the future.

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