Pay taxes, social media influencers told

Published August 17, 2021, 10:51 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has issued a memorandum, dated Aug. 16, with the subject: “Taxation of Any Income Received by Social Media Influencers.”

The BIR said it has been receiving reports that certain social media influencers have not been paying their income taxes despite earning “huge” income from the different social media platforms.

There are also reports that some social media influencers are not registered with the BIR or are registered under different tax types or line of business, but are also not declaring their earnings from social media platforms for tax purposes.

“This Circular is therefore issued to clarify the tax obligations of all social media influencers, individual or corporation, with the end goal of raising revenues from their undeclared income and at the same time, reminding them of their obligations under the law and of the possible consequences of their failure to pay taxes,” they said.

BIR related the term “social media influencers” referred to in this Circular includes all taxpayers, individuals or corporations, receiving income, in cash or in kind, from any social media sites and platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, etc.) in exchange for services performed as bloggers, video bloggers or “vloggers” or as an influencer, in general, and from any other activities performed on such social media sites and platforms.”

The social media influencers are advised to “voluntary and truthfully” declare their income and pay their corresponding taxes without waiting for a formal investigation to be conducted by the BIR to avoid being liable for tax evasion and for the civil penalty of fifty percent (50%) of the tax or of the deficiency tax.

Check the whole memo here:

Here are some of the well-known personalities and media companies with more than 10 million subscribers and followers.

ABS-CBN Entertainment – 35.7M subscribers
Raffy Tulfo in Action – 21.6M subscribers
GMA Public Affairs – 16.3M subscribers
Ranz Kyle – 14.4M subscribers
Niana Guerrero – 13.8M subscribers
Ivana Alawi – 13.7M subscribers
Ja Mill – 12.5M subscribers
Wish 107.5 – 11.6M subscribers
Alex Gonzaga Official – 11.3M subscribers
Zeinab Harake – 10.9M subscribers

Niana Guerrero – 26.1M followers
Andrea Brillantes – 13.2M followers
Sanya Lopez – 11.2M followers

Anne Curtis – 14.1M followers
Vice Ganda – 14.1M followers
Kathryn Bernardo – 10.5M followers

Anne Curtis – 17.1M followers
Liza Soberano – 16M followers
Kathryn Bernardo – 15.4M followers
Pia Wurtzbach – 12.5M followers
Andrea Brillantes – 12.4M followers
Catriona Gray – 12.2M followers
Alex Gonzaga – 11.3M followers

Marian Rivera – 25.4M followers
Niana Guerrero – 23.7M followers
Angel Locsin – 23M followers
Anne Curtis -18.2M followers
Manny Pacquiao – 17.6M followers