Josie Natori releases new fine jewelry collection 'Shangri-La'

Published August 16, 2021, 4:07 PM

by John Legaspi

‘It is the ultimate gift from me to you’

In the 1933 novel “Lost Horizon” by British author James Hilton, Shangri-La is defined as a mythical paradise. It is a utopia in the Himalayas where joy reigns and people thrive beyond life expectancy. Since the publication of the book, people all over the world have been inspired by it, creating one of a kind spaces that promise a glimpse of what the lost land could be.

Josie Natori

But for international Filipino fashion designer Josie Natori, Shangri-La is more than just a place to see but a delightful feeling, a perfection to experience. And she translated it into an exquisite line of fine jewelry.

Aptly titled “Shangri-La,” the collection features specially-crafted pieces that celebrate the charm and beauty that comes from linear and minimalist designs. As the Natori brand describes it, the collection “embraces balance and harmony, casual and refined, modern and traditional, and east and west,” ultimately producing a line that has something for the diverse kind of women.

Pieces from “Shangri-La” collection

Mirroring its themes are its artful design elements—brushstrokes, elliptical Yin-Yang, and Yin-Yang—which are achieved through bending gold and dotting them with studs of diamonds for sparkle. The collection’s design elements are also brought to life with the help of Tiffany Huang, print designer at Natori.

“I am so thrilled to launch our ‘Shangri-La’ fine jewelry collection today,” Josie announced on Instagram. “This has been a labor of love. [It is] inspired by the Yin-Yang and brushstroke, epitomizing the essence of Natori. I am truly obsessed with every piece. It is the ultimate gift from me to you!”

See more of Josie’s “Shangri-La” collection here.