Why is everyone talking about hyaluronic acid and ceramides?

Published August 12, 2021, 12:00 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Aqua Plus Range

Better together. That is how hyaluronic acid and ceramides are described by skincare junkies. Ask any skincare expert, and they are all praises to these two ingredients when it comes to making your skin healthier! These superstar ingredients are proven to help provide an immediate plump and glow to one’s skin! And the good thing about it, they are both naturally occurring on the skin!

Hyaluronic acid does a killer job in hydrating your skin. In fact, it can hold up to 1000x its weight in water to provide the skin with intense hydration. Don’t get intimidated by the word “acid” in its name; this ingredient is totally safe, and is present in the body naturally. However, due to aging and exposure to pollutants, and stress, the body’s store of hyaluronic acid decreases. Low hyaluronic acid content leads to dull-looking skin, wrinkles, fine lines, skin dehydration, and dry patches. Hyaluronic Acid, when applied topically, attracts water into the skin and infuses the skin cells with water. It’s like giving the skin getting a big drink of water! With a properly hydrated skin, skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients are enhanced. Thus, hydration unveils a healthier, plumper, supple, and glowing version of the skin!

Meanwhile, ceramides comprise 50 percent of the epidermis. Thus, playing a vital role in the appearance of the skin. Ceramides act as the skin’s natural moisturizer. It creates a protective layer to seal in moisture, fight skin aging, and block environmental damage.

These two combined is the holy grail of skincare! Hyaluronic Acid works in giving the skin a surge of hydration, while ceramides works wonder in improving the skin’s barrier. So, what happens when the skin is properly hydrated and skin barrier is strong? It all shows in the outside—plump, supple, radiant, lesser visible wrinkles/fine lines, lesser sebum production, lesser chance of breakout, and refreshingly glowing skin!

Reap the benefit of hyaluronic acid and ceramides from this new local (yes, LOCAL) brand called HYALOO.

Hyaloo: HYAmazing skin best friend!
Taking from its superstar ingredient, hyaluronic acid, Hyaloo aims to address the utmost need of ALL skin types, which is hydration. All of its products are made in Korea and are infused with four types (not just one!) hyaluronic acid. Thus, it is no surprise that this local brand is now gaining a cult following! With its chic packaging, high-grade ingredients, and shockingly affordable price tag, Hyaloo is definitely changing the skincare game!

One of its product ranges is Hyaloo Aqua Plus with Hydra-Ceramide Technology. All products under this range contain 4 types of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and 7 plant extracts (including the popular K-beauty ingredients cica and green tea leaf extracts). Hyaloo Aqua Plus range consists of a cleanser, toner, gel moisturizer, sunscreen and sheet mask. Learn more about these ultra-hydrating products that are best for dry, combination, dehydrated, aging, oily, and sensitive skin!

Hyaloo Aqua Plus Foam Wash: Clarifying + Intense Hydration
Best for dry, aging, combination or sensitive skin, this rich foam wash is an amazing cleanser and hydrator! With just a pea-size of this foam wash, it can get rid of dirt, makeup residue, and grimes on the face while giving it a boost of hydration!

Hyaloo Aqua Plus Low-pH Cleansing Toner: Pore Purifying + Intense Hydration
This multitasking toner gives skin multiple benefits in just one bottle! It has cleansing properties, hydrates the skin, seals in moisture, fights aging, restores skin’s pH level, and minimizes pores!

Hyaloo Aqua Plus Deep Hydrating Gel: Moisturizing + Intense Hydration
The simplest way to describe this product: hydration for hours! The non-sticky, heavenly texture of this gel moisturizer delivers a punch of hydration for an instant refreshing feel and a dewy glow on the skin. Plus, it can be used for face and body (talk about value for money!).

Hyaloo Aqua Plus Water Cream SPF 50 PA +++: Broad Spectrum Protection + Intense Hydration
There’s a reason this sunscreen is the new talk-of-the-town in the local skincare groups. It is not often to see a sunscreen that is non-sticky, has no white cast, yet has SPF 50, PA +++, and Broad Spectrum Protection.It is uncommon in the local skincare market; but Hyaloo made it all possible!

Hyaloo Aqua Plus Hydrating Sheet Mask: Revitalizing + Intense Hydration
Need a quick boost of hydration? This sheet mask is to the rescue! With just 15 minutes, it helps deliver a surge of water into the skin to make it plumper, supple and glowing! Made from tencel materials, it is biodegradable (talk about sustainability) and, provides better serum absorption vs. a regular cotton sheet mask.

Hyaloo products are exclusively available at Watsons and SM Beauty Store. Follow them as well in social media (Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok) at @hyalooph.