Anne Curtis shares struggles as breastfeeding mom

TV host-actress Anne Curtis recently opened up about the challenges she encountered in her journey to motherhood.

One of them is the challenge to breastfeed her daughter Dahlia in random places for 17 months, saying it wasn't easy.

"I had my own struggles (let’s just say there was curling of toes & frozen cabbage involved -thanks mum) but it’s been an unforgettable first time journey so far. One I’ll always cherish. All the little moments shared between her and I (hair pulling and biting involved)..," the first-time mom said.

The wife of Erwan Heussaff also shared some of the things she learned and realized about breastfeeding.

"There’s one thing I wasn’t aware of, that I kinda wish I knew - when I started dropping feeds (when food became her main source of nutrients) my hormones started changing and I was just very quiet and felt somewhat melancholic.. I didn’t really notice till erwan called me out. Did myself some reading and learned that it’s because of a drop of prolactin and oxytocin levels when you start to lessen feeds," she related.

But since she's weaning slowly and breastfeeding only two to three times a day now, it has become somewhat a "gentle" wean that helped her not to have an abrupt shift in hormones.

"But there’s definitely something that changes," she added.

"So there, just thought I’d share that this happens.. just in case you’re like me, and didn’t know and can prepare yourself for when that time comes.. I am definitely treasuring every moment of my bf journey while it lasts…"

Anne also sent a message to all the mommies who have had their own personal struggles with breastfeeding.

"You do you. You and your doctors will know what works for your little one and will keep them happy, busog and content."

Early this year when Anne and Erwann marked their baby’s first birthday.

The couple tied the knot in 2017.