The DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition & the couch potato

Published August 6, 2021, 7:14 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

Yes, it’s a new video game, and of course, the kids will love it. And parents may be concerned about the children spending hours hunched over their devices. But Warner Consumer Products is proud to say that the new DC: Batman Bat-Tech AR (Augmented Reality) game is also educational, and isn’t a couch potato experience for the kids. For me, those were the most important takeaways from the virtual launch I attended for the DC: Batman Bat-Tech game that hits app stores this first weekend of August.

With strong and immersive story-telling, the game revolves around the players being recruited to be a member of Knightwatch, and helping Batman battle the villains. It’s an AR game, so movement will be a must, and it’s not a game that just finds you slouched on a couch. There are 10 Augmented Reality missions, and 10 Mini-games.

With the AR Missions, you’ll be with Batman, facing his evil adversaries – The Joker, Mr. Freeze, and the Riddler. The Mini-games include Batarang practice, the Grapnel Launcher, and Batmobile Driver.

Kevin Morris, the VP of Warner Consumer Products was on hand during the launch to happily announce that the app is free to download, and will be available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It’s designed for 6-12 years old as the primary market, but they’re looking forward to seeing Dads and Moms play with their children. It is COPPA-compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), will roll out in 13 languages, and there’s a global education partner. 

Turning the reins over to Karl Stewart, CEO of Thunder Child, who designed the game; Karl was excited to remind us how Batman has been around for 80 years now, and his lasting popularity partly stems from how relatable he is. Bruce Wayne has no superpowers per se, but because he’s tech-savvy, he’s created an array of vehicles and gadgetry that turn him into a formidable champion of justice. It’s tapping into this tech-savvy mindset that drives one’s involvement in the AR game. Players will be asked to make choices, develop strategies, and team up with Batman on his adventures.

To add spice to the mix, both Kevin and Karl were enthusiastic about the numerous added features of the game. For starters, there are AR face filters, sticker packs, and a digital comic reel. The brilliant minds behind the game have made sure that this will be an experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere. It’s the first AR Batman, and they wanted to make it super-exciting, highly interactive, educational, and free to download! The ultimate Batman mobile experience; and it’s available now.