Chinese Embassy thanks PH for rescuing two distressed Chinese fishermen off Palawan coast

Published August 6, 2021, 9:18 PM

by Roy Mabasa

The Chinese Embassy in Manila on Friday conveyed its “deep appreciation” to the Filipino fishermen and the Philippine authorities for the rescue of two distressed Chinese fishermen off the coast of Palawan.

Statement of the Chinese Embassy in Manila (via Twitter)

In a statement, the Chinese Embassy said the two Chinese fishermen, “who were in distress due to bad weather” were rescued on Thursday night, August 5, 2021

The two were brought to Bataraza District Hospital for medical treatment in the Municipality of Bataraza in Palawan.

After the rescue, Philippine authorities immediately informed the Chinese Embassy about the incident.

The Embassy, however, did not provide the names of the rescued Chinese fishermen.

“The Chinese Embassy expressed its deep appreciation to the Philippine fishermen and authorities concerned for providing humanitarian assistance to the Chinese fishermen in a timely manner, which fully reflects their goodwill and the valuable friendship between Chinese and Philippine peoples,” the Embassy said in the statement posted on its official social media account.

This incident was in contrast to the June 2019 incident when a Chinese vessel rammed and sunk the Filipino fishing boat MV Gem-Ver with 22 onboard near Recto (Reed) Bank in the West Philippine Sea.

The Chinese vessel involved turned off its lights and sailed away, failing to provide assistance to the distressed Filipino fishermen who were left afloat in the middle of the high seas. The Filipinos were later rescued by a passing Vietnamese fishing boat.