110 million COVID-19 vaccine doses donated by US to PH, over 60 countries

Published August 4, 2021, 2:26 PM

by Roy Mabasa

The United States has already donated and shipped more than 110 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to over 60 countries, including the Philippines, cementing its promise to make the US as the “vaccine arsenal” of the world.

The White House

In a statement on Wednesday (Tuesday in Washington, D.C.), the White House indicated that they have so far exceeded the announcement made by US President Joe Biden last June where he promised to donate at least 80 million doses of vaccines to countries around the world.

According to the United Nations, this is more than the donations of all other countries combined and reflects the generosity of the American spirit.

The White House statement came a day after the US, through the COVAX facility, delivered more than 3 million doses of Moderna vaccine to the Philippines. President Duterte led officials in welcoming the shipment’s arrival on Tuesday, August 3, 2021.

“Today’s announcement is a fulfillment of his promise and a significant down payment on hundreds of millions of more doses that the U.S. will deliver in the coming weeks,” the White House said.

The majority of the US-made vaccines donated to more than 60 countries were shipped through the Global Access (COVAX) facility, a global initiative to support equitable access and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Philippines has so far received 13.3 million vaccine doses through COVAX where the US is the largest monetary contributor, having provided nearly $2 billion (P100 billion) to the global vaccine alliance.