Two women, a lechon and chicken cordon hog Cebu’s social media limelight

Published July 30, 2021, 2:58 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY – Hidilyn Diaz has been the talk of the town after bagging the country’s first-ever gold medal in the Olympics.

For the past few days, two women here have also been hogging the limelight albeit for a wrong reason.

Maria Amy Hofilna and Marjorie Abastas have been the subject of Facebook memes, parodies and online jokes after they feuded over an unpaid food package.

Last July 25, Abastas stormed the birthday party of Hofilna in Barangay Babag 2 to demand payment of the food package that the latter ordered for her birthday.

According to Abastas, she delivered a food package consisting of one whole lechon, eight dishes and two fruit trays.

Hofilna had paid Abastas P9,000 and reportedly promised to pay the remaining balance of P10,200.

In the confrontation that Abastas streamed live through her Facebook account, Hofilna refused to pay the remaining balance, saying that she ordered a food package good for 50 to 60 persons but what she got was only good for 20.

Guests in the party also joined the fray and confronted Abastas for her supposed rash behavior.

At the height of the confrontation, Hofilna threatened to slap Abastas with an escabeche, a scene that has become a trending topic on Facebook.

Abastas countered that Hofilna should have not allowed her guests to eat the food if she was not satisfied with the quantity.

Abastas took a video of the buffet table and lamented that two dishes were missing.

“Asa ang (where’s the) chicken cordon? Asa ang chicken cordon?” Abastas blurted.

Abastas went on to leave the house without getting paid.

As of July 30, the video of the confrontation has already garnered 328,000 shares, 283,000 reactions and 345,000 comments.

The feud became a hotter topic after Abastas sought help from the public service program of Raffy Tulfo.

Hofilna has also tried to file a complaint for alarm and scandal against Abastas before the Mabolo Police Station but the police advised her to settle the matter in the barangay level first.

Because of the feud, Hofilna’s house became an instant “tourist spot” with motorists purposely stopping just to take photos and videos in front of the house.

Hofilna is seeking protection from authorities because of random people stopping in front of their house.

“It poses a threat to our lives,” said Hofilna in an interview with GMA News.

Hofilna was determined to file charges against Abastas and also threatened to take legal action against the netizens whom she said made fun at her.

“There is a law against cyber bullying. You will be prosecuted,” said Hofilna.

Upon the advice of the police, Hofilna and Abastas faced each other before Sto. Nino Barangay Captain Lourdes Ramirez but no settlement was agreed.

Ramirez said there will be three mediations and if there would be no amicable settlement, the feud may lead to filing of cases in court.