Gushing about 'And Just Like That' costumes? Follow these Instagram pages

Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that Carrie Bradshaw has one unique personal style. It is fun, sometimes quirky, but best of all, it is rule-breaking—one thing you can always expect from "Sex and the City"'s sex columnist. That's all thanks to Oscar-nominated costume designer and stylist Patricia Field.

Photo from @andjustlikethat

As Carrie is about to grace our viewing experience again, together with her Manhattan gal pals Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda, fans of the show aren't only excited to witness how she is in her 50s, but also how her style has evolved since last seeing her in 2010.

In the series' reboot, "And Just Like That," we get to see actress Sarah Jessica Parker parading in New York City as Carrie. While we see the rose brooch, the iconic Hangisi Manolo Blahnik shoes, and that Street Ahead belt back in her ensembles, much has changed when it comes to her style.

If you are as excited as we are to discover what's new in Carrie's life and wardrobe, these Instagram pages show some behind-the-scenes photos and details of the fashions of the upcoming show.


And Just Like That... Costumes Instagram page is handled by the show's new costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, proteges of the franchise's former wardrobe-in-chief Patricia Field. Its feed presents what happens behind the camera with the costume department, from its posh fitting rooms to wardrobe camera tests.


"Sex and the City" has been the weekly shopping guide of chic must-wears for every woman in the '90s and the early aughts. And by looking at the street shots of "And Just Like That," it seems like the reboot is going to be the same. If you're wondering what New York's lady trio are wearing on the new show, And Just Like That Closet Instagram page details every piece they are wearing, from Carrie's Forever21 paisley dress and Miranda's burgundy jumpsuit to Charlotte's designer face masks.