8 reasons why you should get vaccinated against COVID-19

The country’s vaccine expert panel (VEP) has been urging all Filipinos to get vaccinated against coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

(Photo by Ali Vicoy/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Amid the looming threat from the “more problematic” and “highly transmissible” Delta variant, VEP chairperson Dr. Nina Gloriani gives us eight reasons why we should receive COVID-19 jabs:

-The vaccine reduces your risk of infection or your chance of getting the disease.

-The COVID-19 vaccine also helps keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get it. If infected, you’ll only experience mild to moderate symptoms. Your risk of hospitalization and death is nearly eliminated.

-More importantly, you join the ranks of those who are protected, contributing to herd immunity.

-You protect your loved ones and others.

-Through vaccination, you can help prevent the spread of the virus. There is also new evidence suggesting that vaccinated people who might be infected have fewer virus particles in their nose and mouth. This means that the chances of the virus spreading are limited especially to those with increased risk for severe illness.

-By getting vaccinated, not only do you help contain the virus but also prevent it from replicating into several mutations which can be more resistant to the vaccines currently available.

-You can start doing more.

-The vaccine is the final step in our effort to have a sense of a normal life. We may “ditch” the facemasks and physical distancing altogether and eventually reconnect with friends and family.

Gloriani has assured the public that all vaccines that are available in the country could ward off any severe forms of COVID-19 even with variants.

She said to address the threat of the Delta plus variant, the public should strictly observe minimum public health protocols, and that the government should intensify its vaccination efforts.

“The practice of minimum public health precautions remains key to stopping virus transmission and thereby virus mutation,” Gloriani said.

"We also need to ramp up our vaccination coverage, and make sure all vaccinated individuals receive the second dose. After one dose, there is only 30 percent protection against the variants, but after the second dose, this may rise to 60 to 80 percent.” she added.

The Philippines has administered more than 16 million doses of COVID-19 jabs.