Top 10: Voltaire Tayag, Director for Communications of Miss Universe Philippines Organization

Published July 25, 2021, 2:02 PM

by Robert Requintina

Voltaire Tayag, Director for Communications of Miss Universe Philippines Organization

Voltaire Tayag is a well-known pageant consultant and a journalist who has won several awards over the past three years, including the recent 2021 Asia Pacific Luminare Award. Now, he’s bringing his expertise to the organization’s overall communication strategies. Let’s get to know him as he answer questions for “Top 10”:

1) Congratulations! How would you describe your management style?

“Whether in a personal or professional capacity, I feel it’s best to be adaptive. One has to be responsive to different situations and different people to be effective. Some days I’m authoritative, others days one has to be a coach, or you have to let your team do their job and not micromanage.”

2) What parts of this position will be the biggest challenges for you?

“I’m fortunate to wake up and do something that I am passionate about. So any challenges I face with a positive attitude. But the biggest adjustment I’m still experiencing is shifting my social media mindset. As media before, I could post about all the pageants, queens and candidates I support. I can’t do that now given my position. Although, I still have good relations with the other pageants, and they have congratulated me.”

3) How would you handle criticisms or questions from the media?

“I handle criticisms the way I do, have always done. I look at the source and the intention. If it’s related to work, then I don’t take it personally. If it’s from trolls or fake accounts, I don’t bother with it. Many seem to think that social media gives them a free pass at saying whatever they want. But people who are reckless in their words and in treating people aren’t worth my time.”

With Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo

4) What’s one thing you would do differently for MUPh?

“The MUPh Organization has done a tremendous job so far. What would be different is that I bring my skill set, my mindset and my media background which is unique from others. I also bring my passion for pageants. That will go a long way in making a difference.”

5) With the pandemic still around, where is pageantry headed?

“For as long as there are young women who dream, teams and communities that hope to produce a beauty queen, pageantry will always be relevant. Dreams are powerful motivators, and queens are inspirational.”

6) When did you consider yourself a success?

“Success comes at different times in one’s life. I don’t assess my life if it’s a ‘success’. All I know is that I am always grateful for where I’m at, hopeful that things can get better, and keep pushing forward. I am happy with where my pageant career has taken me. But it doesn’t end there.”

Voltaire Tayag

7) What are your success habits?

“I feel that my making myself feel good and look good are the habits that push me to be at my best. Presenting myself as a happy, confident and reliable person to others is a way that sometimes get me out of not feeling so good. I’m also very punctual, organized and communicate my thoughts directly.”

8) Whose career inspires you and why?

“I admire my Dad for having achieved everything in his life with sheer determination and a deep commitment to his family. He never depended on anyone but himself and was able to accomplish so much. Through all of his success and disappointments, it was anchored in a deep faith in God.”

With officials of Miss Universe Ph

9) What keeps you awake at night?

“I sometimes go on a YouTube rabbithole before going to sleep. I love watching reality talent show clips to see people’s lives change in a second. There’s something so beautiful in seeing someone’s dream unfold.”

10) Who is your favorite beauty queen and why?

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know so many beauty queens. So I do have many. Gloria Diaz for being an iconic woman who put the Philippines on the pageant map. Pia Wurtzbach for being so candid and carefree, allowing people her true self. Katarina Rodriguez, Rachel Peters, and Gazini Ganados for being friends long after their reigns.”