'The Good Daughter' re-airs on GMA Afternoon Prime this Tuesday

Published July 25, 2021, 10:52 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Kylie Padilla

Beginning Tuesday, July 27, relive the inspiring tale of a young woman who is forced to toughen up and fight for the sake of her family in GMA Network’s well-loved Afternoon Prime series ‘The Good Daughter.

The original series stars Kylie Padilla as Bea, a sweet yet assertive teenager who meets a turning point in her life when her mother dies and her father marries someone she disapproves of. She is joined by a pool of reputable actors led by Raymond Bagatsing as Rico, Alicia Mayer as Sharon, and Glydel Mercado as Tina.

Playing equally challenging roles are Rocco Nacino as Darwin, LJ Reyes as Frances, Angelie Nicole Sanoy as Julia, and Max Collins as Ziri. The series also stars Dion Ignacio as Paul, Ervic Vijandre as Mario, and Ms. Luz Valdez as Lola Lourdes.

Bea (Kylie) seems to have a perfect life – having a family who adores and provides her every need – until Sharon (Alicia) and her daughter Julia (Angelie) appear at her 18th birthday party and introduce themselves as her father’s (Raymond) second family.

Distraught, Bea’s mother Tina (Glydel) leaves the venue of the party in tears and unfortunately meets an accident. As Bea weeps for her mother’s demise, she blames her father, who is then being pressured by Sharon into marriage.

‘The Good Daughter’

As Sharon assumes the role of Rico’s new wife, her true colors further surface as she mistreats Bea behind Rico’s back. Feeling helpless and alone more than ever, Bea runs away from home and travels to her grandmother’s province.

However, as Bea begins to find comfort in the arms of her Lola Lourdes (Luz), she discovers that her father is gravely ill and that Sharon has started to take over the company. More than that, she uncovers more of her stepmother’s evil deeds, including the real reason why her mother died, prompting her to return home and reunite with her father.

As she comes to face with the woman who has done her family wrong, how will Bea protect her father and the business that is also rightfully hers? Can peace still be restored in a home that was once shattered by dishonesty and spite?

Catch the return of “The Good Daughter” – under the helm of acclaimed director Mike Tuviera – this July 27, 4:15PM, on GMA Afternoon Prime.