Netizens rally behind Carlos Yulo after 'heartbreaking' exit in floor event

Netizens rallied behind top Filipino gymnast Carlos Yulo after his heartbreaking exit in the floor exercise event where he was expected to win the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.


Messages of support and motivation for Yulo poured on social media as he topped the Twitter trending list on Saturday night, July 24.

"Heartbreaking for Caloy Yulo. Kahit yung commentators were also shocked and disheartened. The good news is, he's only 21 old!!!! He will still be so much better in the coming years." one netizen tweeted.

"Caloy Yulo settles for a 79.931 all around for his first Olympic outing. Not bad for a debut tbh! He's just 21 years old and remember Hidilyn Diaz got a medal only on her 3rd Olympics! The future is bright!" another one wrote.

Yulo, the reigning world champion in floor exercise, finished 44th in the event.

He, however, made it to the vault final, placing sixth in the preliminaries with 14.712.

The 21-year old gymnast returns to action on Aug. 2 for the vault final.