Toni Gonzaga is not closing doors on politics

Published July 16, 2021, 4:19 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Singer-actress Toni Gonzaga is considering the idea of her joining politics.

This was tackled during an interview with Wil Dasovich.

In there, the vlogger asked the Kapamilya star: “I’ve noticed, something that trends in the Philippines is later on in life, after entertainment industry is done or you’re over it, a lot of people transitioned to politics. Now, is this something that you see yourself maybe doing in the future?”

According to Toni, she doesn’t see herself in politics right now or anytime soon, but she is not closing her door on the idea.

“…never say never, di ba?” she related.

Then later added: “No, but I don’t really see myself being a politician.”

But Wil noted how no one knows what will happen twenty years from now.

“Yeah, di ba? So, never say never. But in my heart right now, I don’t feel like that is something that I should be doing. That’s what I feel.”

Recall that Toni’s father Carlito “Bonoy” Gonzaga used to serve the municipality of Taytay as Vice Mayor.

Anyway, in the same conversation, Wil asked Toni if her “rules” on “Toni Talks” include her not inviting over politicians.

“I don’t categorize the people I interviewed. I look at all of them as people who have stories to share,” she said.

Toni related that no matter how bad or good a person is, each has a “powerful story” to tell.

“And no matter how bad their story is, we can always learn from that person,” she reiterated. “So I don’t want to categorize like ‘I’m not going to interview politicians, I’m not going to interview managers, I’m not going to interview these celebrities.’ I’m just open to talking to people with powerful life stories.”

Toni said that if she will categorize them based on what society thinks about them, then she will be basing her decision on what other people think of them.

“Again, you’re betraying yourself of what do you really think about,” she said.

The 37-year-old star went on that it is the problem that most people are suffering – asking for “validation.”

“I’m also a victim of this – is that when we decide on something we always ask other people’s opinions when we already know in our hearts what we want.”

Toni reiterated that no one should have the need to ask anybody for permission to achieve their dreams or to do something for their lives.

“Because it is your life and you decide for it. Because at the end of the day, who will get the consequence? You. And you will deal with all of the consequences.”

She continued: “But it all boils down to the intention. Why do you want to do it? Because the intention will determine the outcome. If the intention is bad then you will suffer the consequences but if the intention is good then you will reap the benefits.”