FASHION PULIS: Hoping for true love

Published July 16, 2021, 6:16 PM

by Mike Lim

Working with Cute Celebrity (CC) is always an opportunity that Hopeless Romantic (HR) cherishes. After all, CC is professional and fun to work with.

Hence, HR is confident that their work, especially with the lock-in system being implemented, will run smoothly. Besides, the project with CC includes a strong supporting cast and HR now has the privilege to work with such a team. The excitement to start the new project makes HR giddy.

In addition to engaging CC in various scenes of the project, HR hopes that the management will make good on the promise to give them a follow-up project if their recent one clicks with the viewers.

However, what has been kept a secret is that HR has a crush on CC for the longest time. The opening seems to be there, as CC is single. CC has often said that he prioritizes his career and family but opening his heart to someone is not a dead end. Also, CC has expressed the typical showbiz answer of mentioning a deadline for having a partner soon. HR cannot be blamed for hoping she’ll be the one as they’ll be together in the lock-in taping. HR feels they will be a great love team, which she pines not just onscreen, but in reality, as well.

‘Oh yes, we’ve all danced to this particular tune at one time in our lives. In my experience, the majority of women are hopeless romantics, believing that, in time, he’ll realise how wonderful we are, and fall in love with us….’ ― Catherine Sanderson

Used Again

Sadness sinks in when someone makes dreadful realizations. When Awakened Actor (AA) came to a near-death experience, all he could think of was making amends for his shortcomings. Sadly, some people he expected to be with him during that time were nowhere to be found. AA did not take such absence to heart, as he came to his senses.

AA managed to fulfill his mission and gave several interviews to share his experience. In fact, AA made Interviewer 1 (I1) earn positive merits for their question and answer exchange. AA then talked in another interview and responded to questions I1 did not bother to ask. His answers did not sit well with I1, who was disgusted at the way AA seemed to meddle in personal affairs. Allegedly, I1 made sure AA felt the impact of her wrath by instructing people who mattered to AA to forget about an occasion.

Hence, AA could only muse that he is only needed when someone needs to earn goody points or clean up a mess, but the rest of the time, he is non-essential. The realization made him depressed on that occasion, as coming to terms with his relationships seems to be far-off.

‘Being taken for granted is an unpleasant but sincere form of praise. Ironically, the more reliable you are, and the less you complain, the more likely you are to be taken for granted.’ – Gretchen Rubin

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