Male entrepreneurs who enter skincare business praised

Published July 14, 2021, 6:57 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Ghie and Jerry Pangilinan

The pandemic outbreak in 2020 triggered many changes in the lives of Filipinos, from lifestyle, rules and regulations, and even more so in businesses.

Physical shops were forced to either close or operate in a limited capacity, thus, the onset of the shift to e-commerce.

Digital platforms have become the forefront in marketing products and services and this trend opened doors for people who are interested in starting a business online.

Aside from essential goods, fitness equipment, and office supplies, one of the best-selling items is beauty products.

While beauty products may be commonly perceived as a thing for women (both in grooming and in business), men also need skincare and they are also present in beauty industry ventures.

As a brand that aims to empower enterprising individuals to start a business, Speaks G provides essential products that are accessible and affordable. With over 4,000 active resellers ranging from men and women, across the Philippines nationwide, Speaks G is a brand for all.

If you are looking for a sign to start your own business, take a peek at Speaks G’s men top sellers’ thriving journey in the field of skincare online selling.

Top sellers: Axel Ross Andres, Howard Mejia, and Paul Jovy Fernan.

Skincare as a confidence boost

Howard Andrew Mejia, 25, Cebu City

Aside from working as a 3D Designer for an international e-commerce company, Howard is also a Speaks G distributor.

He first discovered Speaks G in 2018 through his mother, who is also a seller at the time, to aid his face acnes. “Hindi lang po babae ang nakakaranas ng skin problems, may mga lalake din na nawawalan ng confidence at isa po ako doon,” says Howard. After weeks of using Speaks G products with his wife, Howard saw the effective results that prompted them to become a reseller.

From being a reseller for one year, with great feedback from friends and family, motivation from a fellow Speaks G seller, and high product demands, Howard and his wife are now an Authorized City Distributor in Dumanjug, Cebu, supporting and enabling many startup resellers.

Successful marketing strategies such as incentives, online ads, and flyers were some of Howard’s efforts to further promote the brand as well as to motivate the sellers. Howard believes that skincare is an excellent business because it contributes to people’s well-being, “Speaks G products will boost your self-confidence. When your skin looks better, you’ll feel better about yourself.”

“Ang pag nenegosyo ay isang malaking biyaya para sakin, mahirap lang talaga sa umpisa, pero mas mahirap yung walang na umpisahan. Start small, but dream big.” –Howard Andrew Mejia

An advocate of own product

Paul Jovy Fernan, 38, Province of Leyte

Working as a front liner in a leading financial institution, it is important for Paul to keep a pleasing physical appearance. Face acne gave him discomfort both physically and mentally. Eager to find the right skincare product, Paul has been introduced to Speaks G by a friend. It was not long until he realized the efficacy of the product and he was greatly satisfied with the outcome. This was also the time he decided to enter the world of online selling.

For Paul, introducing a new product to the market has been a challenge, but knowing how effective the products are, he made a marketing strategy that helped him boost his sales up to four times higher in a month. Paul implemented the “Use now, pay later” policy, letting the consumers experience the products firsthand and let them discover the wonders of Speaks G. Trusting the products, getting genuine feedback from customers, and banking on word of mouth–all these tactics led to Paul’s undeniable success.

“Today is the perfect time to enter into business especially Speaks G. Ito ang produkto na hindi naghahanap, pero kusang hinahanap.” –Paul Jovy Fernan

One goal and teamwork, a road to business success

Axel Ross Andres, 28, Caloocan City

Axel and his partner decided to become a Speaks G reseller in January 2021 during the pandemic. With a common goal to give their children a promising future, Axel and his partner work together in their skincare business, “Dalawa na anak namin kaya talagang nagsusumikap kami para ma-itaguyod sila.” While Axel is working as an Email Account Manager in a BPO company, he gives full support to his partner in delivering and acquiring stocks after his shift.

Despite the personal and monetary struggle, Axel and his wife kept on trying and saving money until they had the chance to push forward. “Ayaw namin palampasin yung chance na maging distributor kami ng Speaks G. Kaya kahit bagong panganak lang s’ya, tutok talaga kami sa pag-promote hanggat kaya.” All of their hard work paid off and Axel has become the first distributor in their area, allowing him to sell products at a lower price and reach a wider range of consumers at the same time.

“Kung may gusto kayong gawin or pasukin na negosyo, ‘wag kayo matakot na baka hindi ito mag work kasi dun pa lang sa mindset na ganun, talo na agad kayo. Dapat kung papasok ka sa isang negosyo, positive ang mindset mo at kung may hindi ka alam, aralin mo.” –Axel Ross Andres

It does not matter what type of business you are in, as long as you are willing to take risks, learn new things, be flexible to change, and put in your hard work, everything will pay off eventually.

Inspired by these success stories? You can also have brighter skin and brighter tomorrow. Glow up and grow financially together with Speaks G especially in this challenging year. Learn more about the products and business opportunities at

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