QC vaccination cards to have tamper-proof security seals

Published July 9, 2021, 10:46 AM

by Allysa Nievera

The local government of Quezon City has announced that its vaccination cards will have tamper-proof security seals starting Friday, July 9.

The seal will be countersigned by an authorized representative of Task Force Vax to Normal.

“The security seal certifies that vaccination cards presented by their bearers as proof of having been fully vaccinated are authentic”, Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

Around 4,000 individuals are scheduled to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in the city’s seven vaccination sites.

Apart from a vaccination certificate for travel or work which the Quezon City Health Department also issues, the tamper-proof security seal guarantees that vaccination cards presented for whatever purpose are genuine.

“Now that interzonal travel for fully-vaccinated individuals is being relaxed and more merchants are offering discounts to vaccinated individuals, our goal is to ensure that our QCitizens will have easier access to places and services,” Mayor Belmonte said.

According to QC Vax to Normal Co-Chair Joseph Juico, the original purpose of the vaccination card is to provide necessary information about the individual’s vaccination.

“But given the delay in the roll-out of vaccine passes or a centralized vaccination certification system by the national government, we are in the interim, putting in place measures to make the vaccination cards more secure, especially for those requiring this for travel, work, and other purposes,” Juico said.

Fully-vaccinated individuals before the rollout will have a schedule to affix the security seals to their vaccination cards.

Individuals who received their second doses last April should proceed to the Century Hall of the Quezon Memorial Circle from July 21-23 for the security seals.

Priority will be given to individuals with pending domestic or international travel.

Individuals who need to have a seal-bearing vaccination card must bring a valid ID.

An authorized representative should also bring a valid ID of the bedridden or senior citizen family member.

“We need to promote the safety of everyone by providing other LGUs, airlines, and commercial establishments with evidence of a person’s vaccination status. As we strive to revive the economy, our fully-vaccinated QCitizens should be allowed to enjoy more perks for responding to our appeal for inoculation. Hopefully, when the vaccine supply stabilizes, everyone who wants one can get a jab,” she said.

The local government is also pursuing the passage of an ordinance penalizing all vaccine-related fraud.